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‘Mask’ the Real Green Monster

Jim Carrey

It seems that Jim Carrey could really use that magical ‘Mask’ to turn him into a green monster. Well, Jimmy doesn’t need make-up to be a green monster now. Cathriona ‘Cat’ White died on or about September 24, 2015 or did she actually die on 23rd? Jim Carrey is obsessed with the ‘Number 23’ as the New Line Cinema movie, where he starred in as a boyfriend …

Binary Code Patents Designed to Destroy Bill(s)

Microsoft Blog

It is common knowledge that Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates got his hands on the operating system becoming the birth of the internet age. It has been revealed in a movie starring Michael Anthony Hall that Gates took the technology to Steve Jobs to avoid the Sherman Anti-Trust laws and purposely created his competition. Also, Macintosh as we know as Apple today is an inferior product, …