Colonic Pros and Cons


The colon is a very important part of the anatomy of our digestive system and our body. Also known as the large intestine, it is the last part of the gastrointestinal tract. Before being eliminated in the form of solid stool, the debris passes through this part and are being filtered for the last time. The entire digestion is made to absorb as many nutrients as possible from the food we eat, throwing out what is toxic and unnecessary. When these things do not work as they should, our digestion is not healthy. Thus, the role of the colon is to take salts, water and other nutrients it can find valuable, before sending the debris towards the exit.

Still, this part of the intestines is usually the one that suffer most of the problems, since toxic debris and anything we don’t use is sent over here. Thus, they linger more in this area, before being expelled. It has to deal with a lot of toxins, bacteria and many more every day, so to prevent any problems and maintain its health, periodic detoxing and cleaning of the colon is recommended. One way to get it clean is through colonics. Colonics, also known as colon hydrotherapy, is a water cleansing process of the colon. Many problems, from constipation to flatulence, pains and other intestinal issues are helped if colonics are performed. It may be an efficient way of preventing and treating a series of health problems. But, even if there are advantages to this procedure, it is not a perfect one. So here are the pros and cons of getting colonics.

  • Pros

Colonics will offer you an immediate light sensation, right after the procedure is finished because the water will wash out all the debris and toxins from your large intestine. Also, a clean intestine will be an efficient one as well. Having its surface clean, it will be able to absorb water and nutrients much better than before, giving you a general state of well-being and increased energy. You should not worry about the way this procedure is made because the practitioners will make sure that you will be comfortable and have your privacy respected during the entire process. Many people use this procedure in their fight against extra pounds, who wish to have a healthy intestinal bacterial flora and strengthen their immune system.

  • Cons

Unfortunately, it is a procedure that is subjected to different theories, methods of practicing and governmental regulations from one state to another. Thus, the practice of colonics may be different from one practitioner to another. Also, some say that there aren’t enough scientific evidence to support the benefits colonics offer, but also not much about the problems it may create either. A concern for some doctors is the danger of dehydration since laxatives are used for unrolling colonics. Dehydration may unbalance the levels of electrolytes in the organism, which may be hazardous for people suffering from kidney or heart disorders.

Thus, there are many things revolving around colonics, why is it done and how should one do it. So it is best to have a talk with your doctor if you feel something is wrong with your digestion and take the best decision about it together.

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