Hiring a Male Assistant

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When you think of secretarial position, a woman busy sorting out document will initially cross your mind. You will find it hard to imagine men performing secretarial task. You may find it strange or weird, but men in administrative field holds one of the most challenging professions. This serves as one of the most of exciting jobs that you can find hard to think that it would fit them. The reason why this profession is being dominated by women is simply because secretarial jobs are traditionally performed by women.

Many people think that males are having a hard time in organizing things and taking notes of important details fast and accurately. Men are acknowledged to be unorganized and hate dealing with little or detailed things. This can be true to some. You have to understand that if women demands for equality, men longed for it too. If women can perform various male jobs, men can also perform various women related job such as secretarial or admin work.

For this reason, women must expect more men to compete with administrative jobs. Bear in mind that nature of professions changes as technology advances, responsibilities increases, and teamwork becomes important and admin’s take more managerial duties. Men find technological side of this profession very likeable than mimeographs or typewriters.

If there is one side men will encounter being in female dominated professions, it will be the reverse discrimination. People think that men will easily get bored of the job and provide output with lesser quality. There are some employers who will automatically turn them down during application due to unawareness of their importance and benefits in such job.

Tips for Men when Looking for Admin-related Work

  1. Male who loves and desire admin position must be flexible enough when performing their job. You must have open mind, dedication, and long patience to succeed in this profession. This type of work is not just sitting, encoding, organizing, but ensuring that your boss is up to date and performs his task in timely fashion (for secretaries).
  2. Before getting yourself involve in corporate world, its best to consider academic environment since they have more understanding and willing to accept people regardless of their gender as long as they meet set standards of the organization.
  3. When looking for possible employer, it will not harm you to contact more insiders to assess if how it feels like working for such company. You may ask if the company is open for male assistants and accepts older men if your more than 50 years old.
  4. Once you get your dream job, it’s important to make sure that every job is delivered with top notch quality. You need to be consistent to get rid of discrimination and wrong impression.

Remember that male assistants or secretaries are beneficial in various ways. Their voice is much more direct and influential when talking to clients. If you have male assistant, its best to provide him of complete list of task with possible deadlines. Even if they can’t you coffee, you can expect fascinating work when it comes maintenance and mechanics issues in the office.

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