Traveling with Your Lover

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Thinking about heading in a romantic traveling trip with your lover? It may be a perfect way to bond, know each other better and spend a few days just the two of you. These types of trips can be great for a relationship as a couple. Don’t know yet how to tell him about the journey or how to plan it? Here are some pieces of advice that can help you out in this matter.

  • Let your partner know that the idea of a trip sounds great to you

It is less likely for your partner to know that you are thinking about a journey, unless you tell him or her so. Let them know about your idea, without pushing them in, so make it sound more like a suggestion. Just tell your lover how interesting it would for you two to escape somewhere, alone.

  • Talk about savings and sharing the expenses

Now, you should be careful not to let him understand that you expect him to pay for the trip entirely. Since there are two persons in a couple, the expenses should be split, at least until you are married. So tell him that you have some money put aside and that costs can be split so that you can make an overall budget.

  • Do some planning ahead

Once you decided to go on a trip, you need to plan it. Plan your trip with 3 months in advance, the earliest, and 3 weeks the latest, if you want to make sure everything will go smoothly.

  • Split tasks between you two

For instance, the woman should pay for the airline tickets, and the man should cover the expenses in case of meeting a deadline, trip extension or even canceling it, with the promise, of course, to travel together on another occasion.

  • No friends and family allowed

Since this is a couple traveling experiences, and it will be useful for you two to get to know each other better, it is highly recommended not to bring any friends along, or family members. Those kinds of trips will take place another time.

  • Plan who packs what

When preparing your bags, it would be great to make a list of things you need and agree on what each of you will pack. Do revise your bags according to the list, one day before your trip, just to make sure nothing is missing.

  • Don’t go overboard with packing clothes

Take only what you will need during the trip. Try to be as natural as possible, because each of you needs to see how the other one is, without any enhancements. So take a casual and comfortable outfit to wear for a romantic dinner.

  • Give him a bit of pride

In case you agreed also to split the bills on the meals you will serve, it would be recommended to hand him the money before you get to the restaurant so that he can pay for the entire meal in public. Stick to ordering according to how much money you gave him in the beginning, to avoid embarrassing him.

  • Enjoy your trip

While you are together, just the two of you, on this trip, enjoy the time you spend together. Avoid discussions about the past or the future, unless they come out naturally, and don’t try to force anything. Allow yourself to joy to just relax.

  • Share pictures with your lover

After you are back at home, make sure you will share with him the pictures you made. If you want to post some on social media, first ask his opinion and permission for making those pictures public.

  • Slide him a thank you card

It would be nice to thank him in a pleasant manner. You can either mail him a thank you card, leave it on his table after visiting him, or finding a cute way of expressing your gratitude, towards the trip you just made together.

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