Charlie Sheen Reveals He is HIV+

LOS ANGELES - FEB 27:  Charlie Sheen arrives at the Two and a Half Men - Panel  at The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences on February 27, 2008 in North Hollywood, CA

Charlie Sheen is a famous and award winning American actor best known for playing great roles in movies like Platoon, Wall Street, Young Guns, Major League, Eight Men Out, The Three Musketeers and many more. Due to his numerous successful films, this American actor rose to fame. However, it just recently that Charlie seen revealed in one exclusive interview with “Today” that he is HIV positive. The actor told Mr. Matt Lauer about this big revelation during the interview.

Charlie Sheen, whose rehab stints, legal issues, outbursts, drug abuse and on-set antics as well as the many different romantic entanglements have given him a bad boy image confirmed about this news, which have been swirling for quite a few days now. The actor decided to appear on national TV to make this announcement, which definitely put many individuals in shock. He also admitted that his condition is intended to put a stop on barrage of attacks and of harmful stories and sub-truths that threatens the health of many others that can actually be farther from the truth.

Prior the interview, Mr. Matt Lauer said that Charlie Sheen will address the latest speculation about the condition of his health. Charlie Sheen also said that he is making this announcement now due to the millions of dollars he was extorted to pay to individuals threatening him to reveal his health diagnosis, which he actually was informed of about four years ago.

The actor felt sad because he has trusted some people about his diagnosis believing that they are the right people to confide in, but he ended up paying million dollars just to keep his illness a secret. What these people fail to realize is that, that money they are taking from his children. Charlie has trusted those people who are within his inner circle but his trust turned into their treason. The actor admitted that appearing in “Today” and making his announcement has finally put an end to these payouts. That is actually one of his goals. But his main goal is to release himself from his own ideas the imprisoned him.

The actor was diagnosed four years ago, but he is clueless how he acquired the virus. He said that it all started with series of terrible headaches thinking that he had brain tumor. Though an HIV diagnosis is viewed as a death sentence, since there is no cure for this illness, it cannot be denied that advancements in medical technology helps in turning the illness into being a manageable one. Antiviral drugs can also be taken for life.

Charlie Sheen said that he is taking four pills daily. But his doctor admitted that they are petrified, probably because of anxiety and the depression that may lead to substance abuse and he will forget the pills. Good thing is that the actor has always been vigilant about his personal regimen. In the middle of this challenge, Charlie Sheen has managed to continue taking his medications as recommended by his doctor. Despite the breakdowns and complicated experiences, the actor remains brave in fighting this very public battle.



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