Gay Parenting

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With the advent of national legalization of gay marriage in the United States, gay couples have become increasingly interested in adopting and raising children. The gay couples can opt for a surrogate mother if they are male and can receive sperm donation if they are female so that the children are effectively natural children.

There is a tremendous difference between children being raised by biological parents and being raised by gay parents. Children that are adopted face the same issues of concern about why their biological parents did not want them regardless of their adoptive parent’s sexual preference. If the child is a natural child the problem of the child’s interest in their other parent is an added stress factor.

Children of gay parents face higher levels of ridicule and harassment in person and on line versus children that are raised by a man and a woman. The parent’s sexual preference is seen as a stigma by many and the disdain that people have for gay people is transferred to the children of gay parents.

Gay parenting induces a high level of confusion in the minds of impressionable young children. The children of gay parents are confused about what to call each parent. In the majority of cases the child calls one parent father or mother and the other parent dad or mom depending on whether the parents are male or female.

Clinical studies conducted on children of two mothers versus two fathers have shown the same later life problems as well as a higher potential for molestation by a parent or a friend of a parent and a higher incidence of rape.

Children in the studies were found to be 10 times more likely to be touched in a sexual manner by a parent or a friend of a parent than children that have two traditional parents that are male and female. As adults, the same group of children was found to be four times more likely to experience rape than the majority of women regardless of the child’s sex.

The adult children of gay parents are more likely to be on welfare or to receive some form of assistance from the state or federal government. Unemployment is much higher for children of gay parents than it is for other people.

Marijuana use was found to be higher in the children of gay parents than in other children or adults. The rate of arrest and conviction for drug crimes is much higher for children of gay parents.

Gay parenting has a definite effect of a child’s psychology as an adult. The children of gay parents are much more dependent on others than children raised in a traditional male and female parenting situation. The children tend to have attachment problems that extend into their adult lives. The problem often leads to a poorly developed set of social skills.

 Medical, psychological, criminal, and sexual problems are in fact the “norm” for the children of gay parents.


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