Hair Extensions VS Wigs- What should you choose?

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Every woman wants to have long and stylish hair. A trendy look plays a vital role in a woman’s overall beauty but some women unfortunately are not blessed with long or stylish hairs. These women have two options clip-in hair extensions or wigs. It is really confusing for women when they come to make the decision about choosing hair extensions and wigs. Because mostly women are confused about which style will suit the best on them. This is a real hard time because it is not easy to choose a right hair extension or wig according to face and figure. But I am making the job easy for those women who are really confused regarding their hair style. I will discuss about both hair extensions and wigs you can choose one of them to make your new hair style.

Hair Extensions VS Wigs

Hair Extensions

Clip-hair extensions is the easy and simple method to stylized your hairs you can easily install these extensions to make new styles there are some human extensions and synthetic extensions available in markets you can choose according to your desire. These extensions help to make a new hair style quickly but if you want a professional and more stylish hair style then you can hire a hair specialist. Hair extensions can give a new touch to your hair, enhance the beauty and make your appearance better without harming your natural hair. These hair extensions are available in different styles, colors, shapes, and length which can suit on your personality. Further you can use sewn-in extensions. It is an instant way to style your hair. You can easily make a new style every day without getting help from hair specialists. It is the best choice, if you want to decrease your hair damage. There are some women who prefer to choose glue in extension but this method is considered bad for your hair’s health.


Wig is also a best choice for women who want results in no time. They can easily change the wig in 5 minutes and can try different styles according to mood and environment it is a faster way than hair extensions. If you have to go to attend an event but you have no time to make a new style, you can easily make a different and unique style with the help of wig. There are some human wigs which look more real and natural but synthetic wigs are also available in the market.

As wigs are only placed externally so that’s why wigs have no side reaction on our hairs. There are different wigs available in market with different color, size, shape, style and length you can have according to your desire. If you are suffering from hair loss then wigs might be useful for you it will decrease the hair damage. You can easily wash your wigs and can make them dry in no time.

There is not a big difference between hair extensions and wigs but still mostly women confuse between choosing one of them. Some prefer to apply hair extensions on their hair and some prefer to apply wigs but I would like to suggest you to always apply which suits your appearance.

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