Letting Go of Others Opinion, Love Yourself 100%

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Does the opinion of others bother and affect you? Well, there is nothing wrong if what they say affects you in a good way but if you are already letting their words control how you think and do things, this isn’t healthy anymore. It is perhaps the right time to reprogram your thoughts, to think of what is most important to you and what will make you love yourself 100% and make you purely happy, not what will make them happy.

 The human life is similar to a pendulum. It is oscillating and dangling between positive and negative, true and false, right and wrong, good and bad, thick and thin, high and lows and a whole load of other dualities. However, all of these are subjective. It cannot affect you unless you let them. The opinions of others will only affect you once you let them.

Why People Are So Much Affected By Others’ Opinion?

The addiction to the opinion of others affects aspects of your life without you knowing it. For instance, your decision to relocate to a certain neighborhood, send your kids to a public school, drive a particular car, wear a designer brand blouse, the plan to take a vacation or club to join, all these and more can be influenced by what others think. If you pursue a thing you like, others will say, “Why did you to this?” or “Why did you do that?” You won’t be happy because you think people are judging you. You think what they say is totally right and what you did was wrong. Thus, you just stay miserable doing what everyone else like in the hopes that will make everything fine, but is this what really you want?

From any many things that has happened in your life and from the many things you have experienced, you should have long realized that the world will only have two opinions about you and everyone else: and that is either positive or negative. What the important thing is? None of such opinions matter to you unless you allow them. None of them bothers or affects you. They will not multiply unless you react to them. They hold no meaning unless you think about them. Above all, they cannot change you unless you nurture them.

So, when others attempt to release their opinions and negativity onto you, you have the choice. You have the option to discard, let go and reject them. Once you learn to let go, you will remain peaceful. Your state of happiness will keep unchanged. After all, everything is all about how you much you know yourself. Letting go of what others opinion will give you true happiness.

So, just go and be you. Live your life to the fullest. Don’t let other people dictate the way you feel about yourself. Recognize who you really are because this is a way to truly loving yourself. Knowing what your strengths and flaws are and loving them both. This is the best way to love yourself 100%.

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