What to Expect For The Color Of 2016

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Why does color matter to us? It may sound asinine, but the question has merit.

Why does it matter? Why does one color make us feel at peace while another makes us uneasy? Or upset?

Simply put: we’re wired to receive and react to colors. While we feel happy, most of us want to be around the colors that signify happiness: blue skies, white clouds, the yellow sun, green grass…when we’re unhappy: gray skies and dark clouds, no visible brightness…

We’re ruled by color, even if we don’t want to admit it. We want a specific color for one item, and yet another for a completely different it. We’re so governed by color that the auto, home and fashion industries have been following the trends for some time, in order to garner business.

Truthfully, it works. During the economic crisis of 2008, more people wore gray than before. Most of the colors they picked were of a somber note: blacks, grays, slates…and as time began to see some release from this duress, the colors got brighter, more vibrant as if a great winter had passed, and life was beginning anew.

Every year, the DuPont Company predicts, which will be the next biggest color of the year 2016. Mind you, there’s no such thing as a single color that will define the masses, but it will be the one color that will be accentuated heavily with others.

You’ll notice on TV, when the stars are out in style, many of them go for the same style? Or a trend catches on, and everybody’s sporting it? We find something those appeals to ourselves, even as it appeals to the masses. A color is said to be the next big thing, it’ll make its way into stores, onto automobiles, home decoration quickly.

And this year will be no different. Already, there is a debate between which color is going to dominate the year 2016. While you’re going to see the same variations and themes for color schemes (we’ll get into that in a bit), the two colors that are going head to head have the same soft subtlety, and can put a person at ease immediately. What the companies want is a color – and schemes – that can calm people, give them reassurance.

The first color is Simply White. That’s it. No gimmicks, nothing. It’s a powerful color, yet blends nicely with other colors, giving either an orderly clean look, to a more mellowing influence when mixed with soft pastels and neutral colors. And for fashion: while men will merely go for the nice white shirt, women will bedazzle adding a simple color to all white. And it seems that many Americans today are more in tune with a white automobile color than anything else.

The other color is called Paradise Found. It’s an organic color, an aloe green with undercurrents of subtle blues. It gives a sense of relaxation, rejuvenation. This is a color that may be seen during days – and nights – out during the spring and early summer, can be paired easily with light browns and blues. Again, while it may not scream the color for automobiles, it will make itself known mainly in the interior market: a room with that color to relax in, get away from the grind of a hectic day, and feel that you’re almost in someplace so safe that you’ll never want to leave it.

And while there are going to be themes coming out this year for colors, it is these two that have begun to set the stage, and these two to keep your eyes on. Who will be the winner?

Only time will tell.


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