4 Tips When Traveling Internationally

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Traveling internationally is a bit different than simply getting in your car and driving to the next city. You must carefully plan your trip, so you don’t get stuck at the last minute because you forgot to do something. There are many travel plans you need to do, but crossing one or two off your list each day will soon have you prepared for your departure date.

Here are four tips when traveling internationally that will help you to have the best trip possible;

1. Ensure all passports are current. As soon as the flight is booked, collect everyone’s passports together. If friends are traveling too, ask them to bring their passport for a trip planning day. If kids are traveling with you, ensure that their names are on their parent’s passports. Passports should be current, and more than six months to expiration of the departure date.

Many countries are hesitant to let travelers in if their passports are expiring within the next six months. This is because an entry stamp allows the traveler six months before the traveler must leave the country.

Before you leave, make photocopies of everyone’s passports. If yours is stolen, you can supply copies to the authorities to get the process speeded up for replacement.

2. Skip the travelers’ checks. Many businesses refuse to accept these anymore, due to the newest counterfeit technology. Carry a small amount of cash with you, and at least two credit cards.

Keep cash and cards in separate locations, so that if a bag or purse gets stolen, you still have a means for purchasing food. Kids’ luggage is a great spot as thieves disregard kids’ stuff as having any value.

3. Inform banks and credit card companies about your travel plans. Give them location, and arrival and departure dates. Nothing is worse than shopping at a great store and then having your card declined because the credit card company thinks your card was stolen.

4. Check your electrical equipment for compatibility in intended country. Many of your hair dryers, shavers, and styling equipment may already be dual voltage. This means that it’s capable of running on either Western Hemisphere 110 Volts—Canada/USA/Mexico electrical outlets, or on European/Africa/Asia 220 Volt outlets.

If you don’t own an appliance with dual voltage, you may wish to buy a small travel hair dryer or travel shaver. Even though it’s extra expense, you’ll be able to use them for future trips as well.

However, you will need to purchase converter plugs, as different countries use different types of plugs. These plugs can be purchased at luggage stores, electronics shops, or online.

You can never plan too far ahead when traveling internationally. All you want to have to do on the day of departure is shower, dress, and eat breakfast. Your luggage should be packed and waiting by the door for you. Utilize these 4 tips in advance, and you’ll have a fantastic trip free of worries!

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