An Art in itself – Your sense of Fashion

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You have just been invited to a dinner by your boss. You are looking to stand out in a crowd. You have your eye on someone special. But how do you plan to make that pivotal first impression that will be the deciding factor in your relationship with the person you aim to impress. How and what do you do to make that statement; to set that impression?

What you wear is a statement about you and your personality. Whatever you may wear to meet someone will always be engraved in their memory of you and it will either enhance or degrade the image of you. So if you aim to turn some heads and make some impression, look to the finer locks of the world of fashion and engage yourself in style, luxury and the higher things in life.
Fashion doesn’t necessarily imply clothes; it has to do with how you carry those clothes. For men, the best way to go is not always the suit and tie, though when it is necessary it is the way to go. Take for example a semi-formal gathering of sorts.

You need to look your top notch. The first thing you need to do is get a decent haircut. The haircut is best ordained by your face shape, but since short hair is all the rage right now, get a haircut that fulfills those. Now depending on the length, instruct your barber to cut it such that it folds neatly on top of your head, and then have the sides accordingly shaven.

But let your clothes govern your impression as well. Wear a black Zara button down, with Zara jeans and boots. Top it all off with an exquisite looking Rolex, provided it works well. But if it is formal then you better believe that you will have to pull out all of your stops and shine. Put on that Armani suit and tie, style your hair and get out. Shoes are also an integral part of your attire; wear a shoe brand that fits well on you. This might have the potential to make or break your entire get-up. If you think it fits well on you, both literally and figuratively, wear a cotton beanie. This looks best when you have a beard and can color match it with it. Fashion is very contextual, so it might not always work for you.

For every-day wear though, you have to develop a system. You have to develop a style for yourself which you conform to on a daily basis. This could be anything from wearing a specific brand’s shirts, say Zara t-shirts or something alike.

At the end of the day when you look to impress, your fashion is the first thing people look to when they start to make an impression of you. So put on that Rolex, tie that Armani tie, put on those Zara boots, and button up that Marco Polo button up and get out to make yourself noticed.

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