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Nails, Eyebrows, Eyelashes and Hair Color Advice

Every woman wishes to look the best. For this, she is investing in cosmetic products and treatments so that everything is perfect. From her eyebrows to her lashes, to nails and toe nails, everything must be done to complete the beauty of a woman. But what are the best beauty treatments today, which will help you look outstanding? Which ones deserve to be chosen? As women, we know that not all beauty services out there worth it because they will not give us the results we want. I’ve been on a constant look, since what seems to be forever, for beauty treatments that will work and did help me look better. I am going to share them with you in the following lines.

For instance, the eyebrows is an important part of every beauty ritual, because they have the power to give us face expressivity, elegance, and femininity. There is very rare the case in which a woman can leave her eyebrows as Mother Nature made them, without any intervention. If you are wondering what the best service you can get is, I prefer tweezing. No offense, but I believe threading is ancient, and waxing can leave you without a good part of your brows if the person doing it is not paying attention or doesn’t have enough experience. Also, if you have thin eyebrows, you can opt for pigmentation, again done by someone that knows how to perform it, because it looks more natural and it stays on for a while.

Manicure and pedicure are extremely important as well. The hands of a woman can tell very much about her, so I looked for many ways to have them look presentable. There was a time in which I loved having my manicure done with gel polish. It looks great and lasts as well, but it destroys the nails in time. So I ended up opting for a classic manicure, but done with high-quality nail polishes, as they will last a bit longer. I love the fact that my nails look natural, and they seem to be more protected and healthy. The pedicure goes the same since it always lasted longer than a manicure. I recommend looking for salons that have pedicure tubs without pipes and with self-cleaning properties, to avoid any unwanted infections.

I also love to color my hair, this being another chapter I looked to improve. My findings are that if you want to have a bright hair color that lasts, you need to have your hair colored in a salon. They have professional products that cannot be found on store shelves. No matter which brand of hair dye I used to buy, it never came out as advertised on the box. It may probably work in the case of natural hair colors, but if I wanted a ruby red or something like this, it never came out like this. With the professional hair coloring in a reputable salon, I finally got the hair color I was dreaming about.
Eyelash extensions is another beauty technique that can dramatically change your look. You should know that when it comes to eyelashes extension, there is no general rule. It depends very much on the shape of your eye and face, and on the effect you want to get. Still, the best way to do it is to attach the extensions one lash at a time, instead of opting for lashes that are already stuck together. It gives you a more natural look. So again, you can have 70 lashes, or 100, they can have 5 mm in length, or 17, and they can still flatter you. The point is to see a specialist about it, to get the best recommendations.

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