Alarming Reports of Angelina Jolie’s Health

Part of woman body suffering anorexia nervosa

One of the biggest Hollywood stars is screaming for more attention as she is whithering away from extreme weight loss. Angelina Jolie has been known to have mental problems by statements made by her own father in the press. It was reported, before her engagement to Brad Pitt that she suffered from a heroin addiction and encouraged to go to rehab. She seems to appear to be breaking down in the spotlight and it is a major concern to her fans.

The mother of six children and wife to one of Hollywood’s most admired leading men is clearly dealing with issues. The real reason anorexia patients stop eating is they think their appetite is the only thing they can control from feeling out of control. It is documented fact that the majority of these fading victims had a controlling mother that lived vicariously through them growing up.

If anyone has ever had a Hollywood exposure event, than it is most likely an experience of an unwinding affect that takes place following an appearance on television or in the movies. Successful actors usually have come from a supportive childhood background and had a loving family that instilled coping skills to survive the media frenzy. Those that do not have these coping mechanisms, usually seek out substances that mask their identity crisis.

If you imagine putting yourself in an actor’s shoes for a role in a film, they have to truly believe they are that character to give a believable performance. Just because the cameras stop rolling, doesn’t mean the character ends in the mind of the performer. They have been marked for life with these memories and publicized as only a tool being used by the writers imagination.

It is most embarrassing to witness actors speaking at award events. They have not done any great feat to acquire such recognition. Most actors have secretly sold their image through the casting couch or remain under the control of an agent that views them only as property. Some actors are selective of what production they will lend their image too, yet most are desperate to think, if they do not stay working the offered parts will stop.

It is cultural known that women are unwanted in Hollywood, after middle age. This is the furthest from the truth and that when a woman stops her menstrual cycle; she is a power not to be reckoned with, due to the fact that her wisdom becomes more valuable. Angelina Jolie has made this private detail a publicity stunt claiming to be an example for other women to witness and mirror in their own lives. This has obviously backfired, because she is now what mythology refers to as a ‘crone.’ A powerful mystic woman with great insightful gifts as a channel or possessing inquisition. Angelina Jolie is emotional and physically too young to mature into this natural order of life, plus this can be exasperated being in the media.

It is physically impossible for anorexia nervosa victims at 83 pounds to rebound to a normal weight without professional monitoring of their every move as a patient. If, Angelina Jolie is in this position of actually being affected by this kind of weight loss, it is likely to have caused some form of organ damage. Yet, there are recovery stories, but there is no way to reverse the dysphoria mind that has been reflected upon in the mirror without extensive counselling and time to heal.

Our sincere hope, prayer and positive thoughts go out to the Jolie-Pitt family that Angelina’s story will conquer the fear that the public is suffering from as they view her photographs seen in the National Enquirer.

(This blog picture is not Angelina Jolie-Pitt)

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