Classic Fashion Versus Trendy Fashion

Lisa Kudrow
at the Chanel and P.S. Arts Party. Chanel Beverly Hills Boutique, Beverly Hills, CA. 09-20-07

It is an argument as old as clothes themselves, classic timeless styles or cutting edge trendy clothes. We all want to look our best when we step out the front door however, depending on the event or venue involved, we need to consider the how we look to others involved.

Those who are in the classic corner will tell you that it is the only way for a lady to dress, regardless the situation. Many fashion icons come to mind for this genre; Jackie O, Sara Jessica Parker, and Michelle Obama. Now before you say “what?” We should define classic for you. Classic fashions definitely brings to mind a modest skirt, blouse and jacket, paired with heels, but it also includes, faded jeans, an oversize shirt and a boyfriend jacket and a pair of Keds.

We all like these looks even if we don’t admit it. The problem would be that they are “classic” not “trendy”. Many think of trendy fashion as over the top or just a phase in clothing, popular today, buried in the back of the closet tomorrow. Think Juicy Couture track suits.

These last two paragraphs are both correct and incorrect at the same time. For those of you who read and follow fashion blogs, you know that many “old” or “classic” details are very trendy right now. There is the cowl neck, gingham print, military inspired fashions and sneakers.

Just take a look at any fashion blog or website and you can find trendy examples of classic styling with a trendy twist to update your wardrobe. Dries van Noten gave the classic women’s trouser (circa1940s) a trendy and exciting new look with non-classic fabrics and colors. The designer also turns the classic white button down shirt into a hard to forget statement with wings of gold and a pop of amethyst. Other well known “classic” designers, such as Chanel have made their classic looks fresh and trendy by pairing classic styling with cutting edge shoes, gloves and other accessories that are trendy. These could become classic accessories in a few short seasons.

Speaking of accessories, let’s talk classic versus trendy. A string of white pearls is the most iconic piece of go to jewelry any and everyone should have. They go with everything from office to hanging out with friends and look good with everything from a classic suit to your favorite jeans. By simply adding some gold chains, colored pearls, and beautiful gemstones (natural or manmade) you now have a trendy look. The same theory applies to your other accessories items. Grab that Chanel handbag add a smaller trendy mini bag to it and you have created a trendy new look ala Fendi or Dolce & Gabbana.

When all is said and done, Classic styling versus Trendy fashion has become very blurred these days.

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