Marijuana Money

Marijuana Money

In December of 2015, Congress ended the federal ban of medical marijuana. It is not common knowledge that hemp was one of America’s profitable commodities before prohibition. It is said that the DuPont family squashed the freedom of growing and producing hemp items for the sake of their synthetic industry of polyester clothing and the manufacturing of paper from trees instead.

Since, the states of Washington and Colorado have passed the recreational use of marijuana they have seen an increase in their states profits tremendously. There also seems to exist a catch 22 with law enforcement, who arrest and charge drivers under the influence. Technically, it is unknown in blood test results as to when the driver had last smoked the plant, but people are still being arrested and booked for driving under the influence. If people are partaking in this herb for medical reasons, yet fear the law than the use of CBD oil is the best solution. CBD oil has the healing properties to assist those managing their pain medication, yet THC ingredient remains undetected.

Many people have gotten involved with growing this natural healing plant as a business venture. Growers can easily become cash rich, yet there is no bank that will accept deposits of these profits. Then, the grower is vulnerable to law enforcement charging them with money laundering.

Watching ‘High Profits’ reality episodes on Netflix is an eye opening program and the lead characters must think themselves out of a maze of bureaucracy. There has been entertaining fictional series on cable, yet these reality type documentary goes behind the scenes to expose the struggles to overcome their competitors and city officials.

There should be no judgment on those using this plant or herb to relief their ailments, yet many are still in the mindset that marijuana is a controlled substance that can be abused. Marijuana does create a psychological addiction and does kill brain cells, but so does holding your breathe. There are patients that use the herb for an eating disorder, which is clearly that this user already needs psychological help. There are those that use it for the purpose of pain and marijuana is definitely a healthier pain medication than pain pills that can ultimately kill a person or cause organ damage, especially if someone mixes pills with alcohol. Some smoke marijuana before bed as a sleeping sedative. Whatever the reason may be, that fact of the matter is Mother Nature has supplied the world with a solution, so why fight nature?

You do not have to smoke pot to support the legalization of this profitable product. There are many other good reasons for the law to drop their interference in this matter. Marijuana makes the best long lasting paper for books to exist for Centuries not decades. It is also good for the manufacturing of clothing as like cotton a breathable fabric to keep cool in the summer and hold warmth in the winter seasons. It is also a weed that grows quickly and industries have been able to transform marijuana into fuel. There are better reasons to support the production of marijuana, then not.

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