Millennial Men Hex Tie Fashion

Hex Tie

It is 2016 and it seems there is a new fashion item for men. The ‘Hex Tie’ is a modern accessory for metrosexual style. Enrique Alejandro Peral holds these patent pending products. Each polymer tie is hand crafted and unique. These neckties range from $400 to $2,600, which depends on the material used or the metal and is very much like fine jewelry for male fashion. These modern statements are originally created by Mr. Peral, who was born in New York and raised in Puerto Rico.

His chic style is refreshing to our modern world. His Latin heritage seems to overflow into his ideas. This young entrepreneur has expressed a city taste flare of businessmen worn as a symbol of progressive wealth and success.
On Wallstreet, the bowtie is considered the ‘banker’s tie.’ It represented the avoidance of the noose used to punish criminal activity. The hex tie has the feel of ‘dodging a bullet.’ The necktie history dates back to China in 210BC and seen again in Rome, between 98 to 117AD being worn by soldiers. The mythology behind neckties is military men following their leaders into the afterlife.

Since the 1980s our fashion has greatly become more casual. It seems that jeans and t-shirts are more common in the workplace these days. It could be the fact that many business people are telecommunicating from home offices in their careers. Still professionals dress more traditional, even if society has become more relaxed about the way we dress.

There was a time, when women did adopt the necktie into their wardrobes to represent equality. It seems that this fashion statement has faded with the feminist movement not being a major focus in the media or modern day society. There were once rallies and marches of women wanting equal rights with equal pay. We do not see this anymore, and maybe because there are a few groups of females conquering male dominated fields, yet they are not behaving as men to acquire their positions or status.

The Hex tie may take a moment to catch on as a trend in the fashion world. It is most likely, if a celebrity sports it on the red carpet and it is mentioned to commentators that the popularity will take off. Being a quality fashion piece will most likely appeal to the gay community first, yet if a rapper wears the hex tie it will become cool to the heterosexual men to pursue buying this item.

It is said that a wealthy man is judged by his expensive shoes, belt, and watch and now there is the hex tie. Millennials or generation ‘Y’ adults will be pleased to wear something out of the norm. Or, will this one day become a normal wardrobe item? Some will embrace it and those will reject it, until this becomes knowledgeable to fashion designers. This is a great gift idea to the man that has everything.

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