Useful Dating Tips for Singles

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Here are some helpful tips for single folks to cultivate opportunities to date others of interest:

1) Write a list of characteristics and qualities desired in a mate and those that are unacceptable. You must have a clear idea of your pursuit.
2) Always wear well fitting clothes and have polished and good hygiene, even when speaking on the phone at home.
3) People watch and mentality relate others to your checklist.
4) Smile and Wink to engage in a possible conversation with someone of interest.
5) Offer your number written on a toy million dollar bill.
6) Avoid texting communication and best to buy a professional announcement telephone number i.e. They offer many useful phone features and can always block a telephone number to avoid unwanted calls.
7) Never talk more than 15 minutes on the phone and do not bring other people into your conversations.
8) After the third conversation, schedule a daytime meeting i.e. coffee or lunch date.
9) Always inform your date during your first date that you are looking for marriage. Everyone wants to be selected as the marrying type, even if they are a player or serial dater. They may say this is not their plan, but if they continue calling, then they are unsure of this decision.
10) Second date should be organized as a activity i.e. biking, sports or musical event. You cannot talk during a movie or theater play, so best to save for later.
11) Keep your dating options open for at least 3 months, yet 6 months is most advisable. These are the forgivable stages of transitioning period of time into a stable commitment. Never discuss others you are or are not dating. Jealousy is the fear of being unloved, so this will be your outcome.
12) Foreplay and making out is best to engage for 3 months before having sex. After the third sexual experience, you are in a relationship and begin to address them with their new titles. Let them overheard their title to a waitress or telling someone whose called on the phone. “Can I call you back, I’m with my boyfriend/girlfriend?” Also, if you are naming your future children, this is a clear indication that you are a couple.
13) Expect a fight at the three and sixth month time period of dating each other. Pushing boundaries is common, so defend or release your commitment. But, if you decide not to continue dating, delete their number. Don’t expect them to fight for your love and attention. This is a power play with future games involved, if you do take them back after calling things off.
14) Never tell a person how they make you feel about a situation, no one can make you feel a certain way, so this is your issue and no one else is to blame or take responsibility for your thoughts. Best to tell others what you are feeling and let them be empathetic to you. Embrace your honesty and wear your heart on your sleeve.
15) Let the man say ‘I Love You’ first and reply quickly with a positive response of reinforcement, even if you are falling for them or extremely fond of them, but truthful and never coy.

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