Posh Poncho in Style

Caucasian lady stands on the edge of Emen canyon with her arms sideways near the city of Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria on a raw foggy morning in the fall

The poncho is now the biggest fashion trend, yet has taken time to be displayed in store windows. It is being recognized in franchised boutiques online, yet hard to come by at brick and mortar stores. The poncho is popular from Peruvian cultural dating back to 500BC, yet the fabrics now-a-days are more lightweight and being worn by women to keep warm. There is many styles available with the over the head cover-up. Yet still, the most recognized ponchos sold today are for rainy weather.

Clint Eastwood is famously known for wearing a poncho in the movie, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” And the poncho being worn with a sambroso immediately identifies as Mexican cultural. The Mexican poncho is usually colorful blanketed material. But the newest trends are patterned with natural subdued colors. There are fringed ponchos and some cuts are diagonal.

A shoulder handbag is not suitable for a poncho. And it seems to be a casual stable, yet the ponchos trending are nice to wear over skirts and dresses, instead of wearing a sweater or jacket. It has a feminine flow. Ponchos are easily sewn too. There are many knit like fabrics recommended using.

The only negative thing about women wearing ponchos is when removing over the head is make-up rubbing off onto the garment.  It is best to pull the neck down and carefully remove. If the poncho is of sweater material it can also cause static hair. This is a useful item in sweater weather to keep wearing during cooler days or air-conditioned buildings.

The poncho has a casual look, yet seems to be more professional as modern fashion. It does keep the body warm, yet gives the arms freedom when worn. Wearing a belt on top of the poncho is also a good look. It will give an hourglass look to a boxy design. A perfect appearance is boots, a short skirt with a long sleeve blouse under a poncho. It is not advisable to wear busy necklaces to distract from the lines. Also, a modern poncho with a hat is not recommended.

Ponchos and capes were introduced in London as Fall 2015 on the runways. There are cape looks that does have side seams, yet has the illusion of the flowing fabric of the poncho. These trends were once popular in the 1970s as crochet knits. It is back to stay as a classic trend.

Macy’s sells a Michael Kors poncho for $45 for women and Burberry has a $2,600 men’s poncho available at Barney’s New York stores and categorized as cardigans. As like the simple black dress a poncho should be a basic staple in the wardrobe.

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