Tattoos Trending or Fading

Photo of beautifull pin-up girl with tattoos and tattoo machine tattoing herself and looking at the camera

Tattoos are very popular in today’s culture.  He is known that tattoos originate in prisons.  It has been recently reported that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got a matching ink.  The tattoo artists said it was a spiritual experience sharing the same ink and design.  It is also reported that tattoos can cause cancer, hepatitis C and sometimes sharing needles can transmit AIDS. Tattoos have become part of celebrity fashion.  There are actually temporary tattoos used that cover-up the actual ink tattoos, when performing in a film.

The most popular place to add artwork to one’s body is the arm sleeve.  It is common amongst both men and women.  The tattoo machine is a needle that injects the ink.  The tattoo machine is known to be painful.  People into body art usually design something relating to a memory or experience.  Tattoos can be very addicting.  It has been said that three tattoos is the popular minimum amount.

Tattoos can be very costly.  A tattoo artist’s usually does a little bit of artwork at a time.  There have been tattoo television shows, where the artist competes with other tattoo artists.  It is recommended that you go to a tattoo artists that you are familiar with their work.  Because, there has been TV tattoo artists that have made permanent mistakes on their clients.

There have been revenge stories, where one was a client was dating the artist and when the artist found out about his girl was cheating, he tattooed a pile of dog poop on her back.  You can have a tattoo removed by lasers, but must go through a series of sessions.  Also, felons can have their tattoo removed for free, if they are on probation.  It is common knowledge that gang members wear the same designed tattoo, which they have earned.

It is best not to tattoo the neck or the hands, and the military will not permit tattoos in these places on the body.  It is most understandable for heavy metal rock musicians to have tattoos, but it is still a symbol of being rebellious in society.  There are women that put cute tattoos on themselves, but there is nothing cute about them.  A tramp stamp is above the buttocks in the back, and there are more people that have regretted their tattoo in this spot and have had them removed.

There are make-up tattoos available for scarring, eyebrows, eyeliner and even for the lips.  A woman can tattoo gloss on her lips, but this is the most painful place to tattoo on the body.  Another thing about tattooing make up on the face is that it does fade and must be done again in the future.  It is said that putting Vaseline on a fresh tattoo will sustain its color too.

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