Happy America Corporation Day?!?!

Patriotic Symbols of the United States of America

It has been 145 years since the United States FOR America, which was a country that became United States OF America, a corporation. It is not taught in schools and is the biggest unknown scandal for the American public. This is basically when Congress hijacked American freedoms. Americans were born into the world with a CUPIS bond or strawman value that is determined by DNA lineage. Americans are born dead or under Admiralty laws that is ruled by the British Monarchy.

In 1948 a Wall Street attorney went to Germany and offered Zionist unlimited credit on their dead relatives and established Israel. Even today, Israel has in their own tax information filings of making money on the dead. Even Ex-CIA Michael Scheuer tells Congress to dump Israel affiliations with America. It is common knowledge that Jews seek sympathy in the media in regards to the Holocaust, but they lack stating the fact of reparation payments they collected to denazification of 79 Germans. Denazification means these German men are technically no longer affiliated to the Nazi party, yet this is not what we have learned and information continues to perpetrate propaganda that the Jews are god’s chosen people.

America use to be a sovereign country, yet since February 21, 1871 international banks began to lend money and instated the Federal Reserve, which is a well known ponzi scheme. Congress gained power over approximately 30 years time span and Americans unknowing became slaves to the British Monarchy and the Rothchild family. The Rothchild changed their name from Bauer to mean ‘red shield.’ Red is for blood.

Basically, the original Constitution for the United States was altered and over the last 145 years Americans became powerless to the government officials. On June 15, 1215 the ‘Carta Magna’ documentation was established in England for liberty of the people and that no leader or ruler would be above the law, yet government officials ignore this by continuing to enslave the people by using an altered Constitution.

If we were the United States for America and a country, then we would be a Queen and King, but we are the United States of America and legally being a corporation, we have a President as our leader. Also, New York is the only State in the Union that protected the government to not be able to instill eminent domain laws, unless there is a terrorist attack. The reason America is known to be the richest most powerful country/corporation is because of the land and climate being ideal for farming.

NASDAQ was created by the leader Brigham Young from the Mormon church or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Latter is future or climbing on top and Saints are dead people, which means credit. NASDAQ headquarters is in Salt Lake City, Utah and the holdings at the Zion Bancorporation bank. So, the rude reality is that when you are born, you are dead under Admiralty law, which we should actually be under common law. That our DNA determines our CUPIS or strawman value that is traded on Wall Street, where debt earns income and that you may be a homeowner, but you are actually only leasing your home from paying property taxes to the Queen of England.

So, February 21st is not really a happy corporation birthday, but we the people need to wake up to that fact that we have been enslaved by the government of England and that arrests and war make them money. If you are ever arrested, deny an attorney or deny that you understand the courts and never admit to being a citizen, but state you are an American and say ‘I reserve my rights without prejudice UCC 1-308‘ and the judge or district attorney cannot throw the book at you and must let you go, unless faced with murder charges.



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