Quit Smoking Tips

Pretty young woman smoking dangerous cigarette with toxic skull smoke

They say that smoking cigarettes contributes to cancer and other life threatening diseases. It seems that people who smoke are embarrassed and/or ashamed. To those that want to quit smoking there are a few foods to help curve that craving. One of them is raisins and the other is drinking milk. Another thing to do is to brush your teeth after eating meals, because this is when the brain signals the addiction to want to smoke a cigarette.

There is no healthy cigarette, but stores sell American Spirits. American Spirits do not have the additives of carcinogens. Carcinogens are the main reason for addiction. American Spirits is the only cigarette allowed in movies or film too. Some people only smoke marijuana, but this herb still has tar buildup into the lungs. Tobacco and marijuana are both weeds. They are both unhealthy. Marijuana smoke does smell like skunk, but tobacco is a longer lasting horrible foul smell. Marijuana smoke smells do fade quicker than cigarette smells too.

The best way to quit smoking is to go back in your mind to the very first time you took and smoked a cigarette. Replay the memory in your head as if you denied the cigarette and turned it down. It is advisable to return to the memory and deny taking that first inhaled smoke. Teenagers that smoke have a more difficult time quitting when adults. Another thing is to not deny a smoke, but constantly put it off until tomorrow, yet tomorrow never comes.

Cigarettes originally came to market in the 1950s as a diet supplement. It is common knowledge that people who quit smoking usually gain weight. Smokers are used to putting things in their mouth regularly. There is no biological reason for weight gain when quitting tobacco. Marijuana on the other hand attaches THC molecules to fat cells, so people usually gain weight from this fact or getting the munchies.

Smoking has been referred to being a cool thing to do. There is nothing cool about smoking. Inhaling any kind of smoke affects the lungs. Pot heads usually hold the smoke in longer then cigarettes, but this is a myth. Marijuana will get you high without holding it in until you cough. Marijuana does have anti-aging properties in it, but users still develop smoker lines around the mouth. All smoke is bad for the teeth and cause discoloration too.

It is known that a cigarette smoking addiction is more difficult to kick then heroin. And, marijuana is a psychological addiction and easier to quit. Another good way to quit cigarette smoking is to buy filters. You can get filters at convenience stores and this will help with eliminating the carcinogens and tar intake.

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