Justin Bieber Cosplay of Kurt Cobain

Justin Beiber Nirvana T

Pop star, Justin Bieber is currently performing on his ‘Purpose’ tour.  Justin has lived a full life at the age of 22 years old.  He had a long term and once stable relationship with Selena Gomez, he has been arrested in Florida and recently reported getting emotional on stage.  Even Justin Bieber wearing a Nirvana t-shirt to give homage to the late grudge singer, Kurt Cobain was criticized.

There was a time that Justin Bieber was played hourly on the radio, yet snubbed at award ceremonies.  Now, he has been singing songs that are more polished and professional and has been recognized for his musical talent.  Justin was born weeks before Kurt Cobain’s death.  He is a sensitive Pisces that was raised by a single mom.  Justin Bieber is a much better singer than Cobain, yet the media tears him apart for dressing like the mediocre Seattle musician.

It seems that people can hide behind their computer screens and cyber-bully a guy that should be honored and respected for sharing his god given talent to audiences.  Justin Bieber is Canadian, yet he chooses to live in the States and put up with a jaded society of injured Americans.  It seems that Kurt Cobain’s rebellious attitude influenced the X generation that are parents to a bred a bunch of syndics.

Justin Bieber has been selected, because too is a good looking young man in the limelight.  He was branded as a heartthrob to millions of teenage girls.  He has matured in front of our eyes and has made mistakes as a young adult, but he is nothing like a strung out heroin addict, who married a junkie stripper as did Kurt Cobain.

Justin Bieber dressing as Nirvana’s front man with longer hair could be just being playful cosplay.  Cosplay is person that dresses for the public as a character to display that they are true entertainers.  It seems that jealousy could be the root of bad publicity from Justin cosplaying Kurt.  It is baffling that Nirvana fans would not appreciate the dedication.

There are people that dress as fiction fairies, cartoon or animal characters daily.  Comicon is a convention that provides the masses an opportunity for cosplay in being an acceptable thing to participate in cosplay.  Dressing unusual as cosplay is really a statement of originality and not mimicking a person or thing. It shows confidence and independence.

So, it is said that ‘good or bad’ publicity is still good publicity, but this is not a true statement.  The media thrives on building celebrities up to just pull them down by dwelling on negative reporting.  It is sad that the media rallies around the 1st Amendment right, yet ignores their moral responsibility.  It does not seem ethical to promote the disgruntle Nirvana fans opinions, over Justin Bieber’s fans attending a Seattle concert.  If, people would imagine themselves in Justin Bieber’s shoes, it is only logic to be hurtful to him and his fans that experience happiness through music.

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