Gay Pride or Curse?

Gay Couple Outdise Holding Hands

In 1974, the American Psychiatric Association discontinued the determination that Homosexuality is a mental illness. The gay community may stand up to be viewed as normal, but this affected the trustee’s taxonomy. The APA speedily concurred that homosexuality is not a mental illness or disorder, but they did not reveal their financial benefits behind their actions or the scenes.  They surrendered the belief that being gay was treatable, because they do not need to fund this part of their financial portfolio.  The APA collects benefits of funding this illness, but not having to work at curing the paranoia in gay patients that Freud addresses in his philosophy on the subject. Basically, it is free money for the APA.

Social Security was created by the President F.D.R. and his wife Eleanor finished his term, when he became completely disabled for the corporation of the United States. It seems that F.D.R. set up this credit system to benefit himself, being a disabled person and had the youngest most popular union actress, ‘Shirley Temple’ as his poster child to convince Americans to conform to a system that was set up to eventually fail in the long run. And, children go to school to generate income, because the government is funded by their attendance, which is approximately $30 a day for each student (American Born/Citizen Passport Holder/Illegal Alien).

Corporation employers are obligated to pay towards the moneys and/or credit accounts of their employees’ future that most people apply to collect their own Social Security money, when they retire. A disabled person is able to collect these payments once diagnosis, especially deemed as mentally ill. The younger the disabled person, the more money they are entitled to address their medical care or treatment. Many corporations know to hire disabled people get better tax write-offs, when filing in the fiscal year. Taxpayers get a child credit or refunded money from the IRS for their children that are under 16 years of age.

So, it seems that recently the government and big corporations are now allowing people to state their sexual orientation on legal documents. It is another way to keep this faulty financial system continuing to encompass this new way to keep their tax benefits as profit on the mentally ill, who refute they are mentally ill, or simply this is a Ponzi scheme going on as normal with the ‘new’ normal being homosexual.

America claims to be the land of opportunity, but actually it is to get foreigners to come, live, work and gain citizenship to debit the credit corporation deficits that was instilled before WWII to benefit the security masters of the stock exchange on Wall Street. This has also been another way that Congress and the Administration have gained America’s land through these same fraudulent practices used against and/or for home buyers in the United States, since New York’s 9-11 attacks too. New York was the only State in the Union that protected Americans, unless there was a real threat, so they made one.

Rolling Stones published an article in the 1980’s that Mormon missionaries were infecting people with AIDS, and then, the media reports this virus deriving from people having sex with Apes. It was Brigham Young that created NASDAQ and affiliated to the stock exchange. NASDAQ is people in the stock exchange as commodities, instead of food and/or animals. There is no way out of this system and even, death creates profits for the security masters that make money off debt.

I do not believe this information will scare any homosexual straight, but they do need to contemplate their (Freedom?) choice of sharing their intimate secrets or personal details with the government or employers knowing the medical debt risk that a corporation’s profits earn at their expense. The security masters are laughing themselves all the way to the bank on this unfortunate characteristic trait or burden of the disadvantaged.


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