Warn DC Emergency Metrorail

It has been reported that there was an ‘Emergency Safety Closure’ in DC for the Metrorail train and/or subway transportation. This also took place in New York weeks before the World Trade Center(s) fell. The Twin Towers was a symbol of financial strength. It was once common knowledge that New York was the only State in the Union that protected the government from seizing America’s land, unless a threat happened on the State of New York. Homeowners and lenders must follow the ‘Pooling and Servicing’ agreement created in New York, but since February 18, 2016 the tables have turned, where enlightened homeowners’ can now use this agreement as a tool to their advantage in the court system.

The attack in Brussels, Belgium is foreshadowing or planting the idea in Americans minds that this only happens in other countries or by foreigners. It is concerning that Congress and the Administration continue to maintain their grip with unlawful behavior to maintain power and have the American born public believing they are powerless as politicians get rich by enslaving with compliance.

Rebecca Zimmerman of the Rand Corporation spoke on the Brussels bombing subject on Los Angeles local news today. ‘Adopting the tactic,’ and ‘not in the public eye’ and ‘low profile and difficult to find with deep ties in the neighborhoods.’ Ambassador and Former CIA director, James Woolsey says seeing the attack or knowing would be “extremely clairvoyant” and “relative near future.” Woolsey refers to “People Get” poem by Carl Sandburg, when questioned on his optimism concerning the Brussels, Belgium murders and he went on to say to “get into a war… you have to, in such a way…win it,” and also said that “our government created our situation that is very frustrating.” Ironically, America has never won a war.

Carl Sandburg’s mother gave him a Swedish immigrant upbringing in Illinois; he was stationed in Puerto Rico where the United States of America’s corporation trust money was established. He also died on a 22nd date. President Johnson said about Sandburg’s death; “Carl Sandburg was more than the voice of America, more than the poet of its strength and genius. He was America.

Poet’s Quote: “Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.”

Everyone is brainwashed that Americans are equal, but this is the farthest thing from the truth, because Americans are not of equal value. When an American is born, they are dealt a DNA bond that was created by the Spanish royal monarchy over 500 years ago and they are owned by the US Corporated and collecting taxes, which is unconstitutional. America is not a country or the US would be ruled by a King and/or Queen. This was the Kennedy Camelot plan, but crushed by Jackie’s in-laws and her being related to the British monarchy.

The Psychic Twins predicted the 911 dialed in attacks and have warned DC residents of future harm. It is advisable that DC residents leave town on April 11, 2016 or the 411 dialed-in-date. And, whether the Illuminati exist or not, it is said the ‘powers that be’ feed information or signs in the media that is too close to recognize in the present time, but only in hindsight or 20/20 or 22 in numerology.

It appears that April 11, 2016 does NOT give an astrology chart. (Enter in the Date and 12:00 as Time)

The World Trade Center buildings were 80 feet squared and a Boeing 727 airplane has a 200 foot wingspan. Do the math not the aftermath!

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