Future President Joe Biden in 2017

It has been predicted that the United States of America’s next Commander and Chief is going to be President Joe Biden. When watching the Netflix series, “House of Cards” it clearly points out the Vice President stepping into office. It has bits of similarities of Hillary Clinton in the show’s character of Heather Dunbar. (Dumb B.A.R. or Done B.A.R.; Attorney) Frankly speaking of character ‘President Frank Underwood’ or the hidden elect evolving through Hollywood i.e. “Under Hollywood” rules. We have been clued into the future of White House plans, but not many pay attention to these details being given to us or US.

The United States vice president’s job is to man the media advertisements of companies to protect American consumers of any or all fraudulent advertising. Obviously, Joe Biden has not been doing his job, but he did show up at the Oscar Awards to make his presence known or for the simple fact of becoming a member of the Actor’s Union. It is not common knowledge, but the Imperial bank or the British monarchy family relatives (Princess Diana’s biological father ties) insure actors on the set of filming, while performing in movies and/or television programs. If a player dies, during their filming of production, there is insurance to protect the film’s investors’ bond.

So, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are bonded through the Federal Election Commission. It only costs a contender $5,000 to apply for status to raise campaign money and a certain amount of signatures on their application. The F.E.C. provides the balance of the $50,000 through a bond; this is why felons cannot qualify to run for elected office, because a bail’s bondsman has already tapped into their strawman. And, the potential candidates are able to keep their campaign money, even if they fail to win their leadership positions. Maybe this is why, Mitt Romney was so happy to loose?

Donald Trump is an actor pretending to be a billionaire. He actually licenses his name and probably is a foreign investor’s cover of their corporation ties from becoming public knowledge. So, Trump could be back channeling money through fraud. It was recently reported that his charity made a donation to Florida’s attorney general, which is completely illegal. Trump’s spokesperson said it was an incident of confusion. The IRS will have change his charity tax status of his non-profit corporation of $25 a year to a LLC or Corporation ‘S’ or ‘C’ for $800 a year is all they are reporting in the new that he will face from this back channeling donation. The media isn’t going to really explain their system or they will expose to the public the truth of a fraudulent or false government. But this is clearly a back channeling maneuver as an attorney and actor have spun money through an electoral official’s security bond i.e. $25,000 becomes $250,000. But, Wall Street does this through inmates’ CUPIS bonds that pay for the media to continue propaganda reports on potential crimes or suspected criminals being found guilty, before they get a fair trial.

Governor Bill and First Lady Hillary Clinton of Arkansas were wrapped up in the ‘Whitewater Development Corporation’ that scammed investors out of their life savings through a failed business venture in the 1970s through the 1980s. And, President Bill Clinton is guilty of lifting the Glass-Steagall Act instated, after the 1930s great depression. He made it, so that commercial banks are able to intermingle with investment banks.

Welcome to this cycle of failed economies created by bondom feeders!

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