Easter Hunt Kurt Cobain

On Easter in 1994, a man claiming to be a Private Investigator by the name of Tom Grant was contacted by Courtney Love to find Kurt Cobain at their Seattle home. Courtney and Kurt bought a house next door to the owner of the Starbucks coffee franchise and directly across from Bill Gates’ home located on Lake Washington.

The “Soaked in Bleach” movie was released June of 2015 in seedy theaters and, eventually sold to Netflix, which they buy anything to add to their servers for subscriptions paid. “Soaked in Bleach” is from Nirvana lyrics of song “Come As You Are” and sings ‘as a friend, as a friend, as an old enemy’ and ‘when I swear that I don’t have a gun.’ This film is based all about Tom Grant taking money from Mrs. Cobain to find Mr. Cobain with Kurt’s best friend, Dylan Carlson. But Kurt happened to killed himself in the middle of the investigation. Now, Tom Grant is not a very good P.I. for finding his client’s husband alive, but dead. Tom Grant claimed to have gone through the house, but never looked in the guest room above the garage, when it is in plain sight from the driveway or the entrance of the home. Kurt drove a silver colored stationwagon Volvo, where he parked his car. Wouldn’t an investigator first look for Kurt’s car?

This private investigator has tried to make himself a celebrity by creating his career based on bad mouthing Courtney Love as the murderess.  But, she was in Los Angeles at the time releasing her album, false arrest stories and untrue hospitalization news reports to the media. So, Tom Grant joined the media for any number of reasons:

  1. Courtney was trying to frame Tom Grant by hiring this ex-cop to kill Kurt Cobain.
  2. Tom Grant says he had no idea that Kurt Cobain was a well-known celebrity and now seeks fame as a good cop with personal convictions for justice, but does not want the crime scene photos released to the public for the sake of accused murderess’ daughter.
  3. Courtney’s attorney, Rosemary Carroll had phone conversations with Tom Grant that were recorded without her knowledge, yet Tom Grant made them public in this Netflix docudrama. This action is not legal, unless announced.
  4. Tom Grant is keeping Kurt Cobain’s memory alive for his ex-client, Courtney Love and the managing attorney, Rosemary Carroll to be able to profit from Nirvana’s music for years to come.

Soaked in Bleach” lies by Tom Grant:

  1. According to California licensing records, a Tom Lee Grant or Tom H. Grant are security guards, not licensed private investigators. And, can a California P.I. use their license in another State? Not without filing legal documents.
  2. The name Kurt Cobain goes through his mind 300 to 400 times a day from all the mail from fans, but Tom blogs he doesn’t just sit behind his computer answering emails, but TRIES to spend time as a family man.
  3. Kurt or Dylan’s gun was given back to Courtney Love and it was meltdown, when Seattle P.D. recently released a picture of the rifle in the news.
  4. The shotgun shell had to swirl and fly in the air and around the gun to land on the right side of the floor, when this is where the barrel of the gun is shown to be on the right side of the shotgun, yet Tom Grant claims he was never was at the crime scene.
  5. That Courtney Love is gay.

Tom Grant was also in the “Courtney and Kurt” documentary too. This movie was released in the theaters, but was edited with key information taken out of it, before it was released online. Mtv pulled funding of the film, so we have a really pissed off movie maker that may have joined the Kurt Cobain murder myth out of spite. This is just speculation, but isn’t “Soaked in Bleach” based on hear say and publicized news stories with a delusional man wanting to be the top of his profession, yet went bankrupt over his obsession with the Cobain case. This is technically not a case and there is nothing in legal documents of being anything other than suicide.

The thing that Tom Grant does not state about Kurt Cobain is he was left handed and there was a picture released of Kurt’s dead body on the floor with his right arm clearly seen. Kurt would have held the shotgun with his left hand, so why wasn’t any truth told in the “Soaked in Bleach” Netflix’s film?

May of 2000, Tom Grant interview with NFC credited The Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 11/4/94, Page A1
By Christopher Ruddy:

  1. But something unexpected happened. Kurt left the house Saturday night and was unavailable for his appointment with “suicide.” When Courtney found out the hit wasn’t made and Kurt didn’t show up at the house on Sunday, she panicked. Then she learned, while still in Los Angeles, Kurt had purchased another airline ticket out of Seattle!
  2. Tom goes on to say, “So I was truly hired to locate Kurt, but once he was killed, I was used and manipulated by Courtney as she continued to formulate the scheme for her inevitable ‘rise to fame‘”…”Very few, however, actually commit suicide. Does the fact that a person might feel depressed or even suicidal give someone else the right to murder them? Of course not.”
  3. He says about Kurt’s cousin, Bev Cobain,”she’s been told by others, not what she knew from personal contact with Kurt.” So, Tom had personal contact and disregarding a blood relative’s book?
  4. The second letter was, in fact, written to Courtney. She deliberately concealed this letter from me, the police and from the media. Why conceal the second letter? BECAUSE THE SECOND LETTER CLEARLY EXPLAINED THE REAL MEANING OF THE FIRST LETTER! Kurt was quitting the music business, he wanted a divorce, he was leaving Courtney AND he was leaving Seattle. When read together, the second letter proved the first letter was not a ‘suicide note!’” Tom Grant has lied about finding the right note by publicizing it instead as ‘rohypnols’ in a phone recording with Courtney ‘the right note‘ was in between the mattresses. So, how would Tom know if the first note supported a retirement note not being a suicide note, if he did not read it or does he draw this from speculation?

Conspired and/or hired P.I. Tom Grant statements in a 2000 interview are very alarming and more Kurt Cobain factual and speculative stories are coming soon. R.I.P. Kurt Cobain!


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