Frances Bean Cobain or Corgan?

Francis Bean Cobain-Corgan

It has been recently reported in the last few years that Billy Corgan and Courtney Love have been lovers, long before her marriage to Kurt Cobain. Billy Corgan spoke of his relationship with Courtney Love as her co-writer of ‘Hole’ songs on the Howard Stern show. And, Courtney Love mentioned her flying to meet up with Billy Corgan of the ‘Smashing Pumpkins,’ but Billy was with another woman. Courtney Love claims she went to see Kurt Cobain play at some dive bar and that was when Frances Bean was conceived.

First of all, it is highly unlikely that Nirvana ever played in a dive bar and Kurt Cobain was a huge star, before meeting the punk princess. These musicians have compared themselves to Kurt Cobain’s music over the years, yet neither Courtney nor Billy has ever been in the same league. Courtney Love has claimed she helped write Kurt Cobain’s lyrics and Sub Pop Records have stated claim to the Seattle grunge couples introduction, but it wasn’t Courtney Love that they introduced to Kurt Cobain. It is an unknown fact that Kurt Cobain did have a writing partner, who has never come forward to claim their financial rights to the Nirvana music. Courtney Love knows who is behind the scenes and this person has been suppressed from the ‘Kurt and Courtney’ documentary and in interviews ending at the shear mention of this affiliation to that late-musician.

If, one was to listen to Tom Grant’s recorded messages closely to the Freudian slips, it is quite clear that Courtney Love, Tom Grant and Dylan Carlson conspired against Kurt Cobain in death. Why? Maybe, because Kurt Cobain knew Frances Bean was not his biological daughter and was divorcing Courtney Love leaving her with only their prenuptial agreement? It is interesting that a private investigator from West Hollywood, where Courtney currently resides did not file the proper paperwork to travel to Seattle to locate Kurt Cobain. In the ‘Soaked in Bleach’ movie it was Tom Grant and Dylan Carlson looking for Dylan’s shotgun and not Kurt’s car parked in the garage. Dylan Carlson said he is capable of murder in the ‘Kurt and Courtney’ documentary too.

It is constantly reported that Frances Bean looks just like her presumable father Kurt Cobain in every mention of her existence. Frances Bean does have her mother’s blue eyes, but she does not have Kurt’s shaped face, eyebrows, eyes or nose, before her plastic surgery transformation. But, the recognition of Billy Corgan’s DNA being Frances Bean’s biological father is in her smile and teeth shape. It has recently been reported that Frances Bean was married shortly to a Kurt Cobain look a-like musician and trying to protect Nirvana’s $450 million dollar inheritance, but a spouse is not entitled to this money legally. Plus, Courtney Love has gone on for years obsessing on the thieving of Nirvana’s money by attorneys and even lost a libel lawsuit, but was overturned in appeals.

So, if you are truly a Nirvana fan, then do not believe that Kurt Cobain was suicidal or ever tried to have sex with a retarded girl in high school. Brett Morgan admits to his audio magic with pro-tools and if, you listen closely to the presumed self-taped recordings of Kurt Cobain in the ‘Montage of Heck’ movie, he never takes a natural breath. Courtney Love hired Brett Morgan, because he did the ‘The Kid Stays in the Picture’ movie about Robert Evans, who was suspected of murder(s).

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