Brangelina Will Never Divorce

Mr & Mrs Jolie

Brad Pitt is rumored to be a CIA operative and Angelina Jolie is bred from German royalty, so this means they can never divorce. Hollywood’s first CIA movie was ‘Spy Games’ that happened to be released days after the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and neighboring New York building and the missile attacks on both the Pentagon and the airplane over Pennsylvania. These attacks were even told in the movie ‘Fight Club’ starring Brad Pitt, who also said future film stars names too.

In the late 40s, Alfred Krupp was arrested and put on trial for the second time and was stripped of his nobility rights. It is common knowledge that Queen Elizabeth II is really of German Jewish heritage and only until recently, her bloodline has gain rightful hierocracy. There is a true King Michael of Windsor living a middle class life as a rice farmer in Australia. Queen Elizabeth II instated new laws for her country in the last few weeks by going to the House of Commons and she hadn’t been there since 1952.

Maximillion Shchell had bragged in Hollywood circles that he was from German royalty and confided to close friends that Angelina Jolie was his biological daughter. This would make sense to her receiving her ‘Dame‘ title among the British Monarch. The rules among royals and nobility are designated by the Catholic Church, during the conception of the Vatican. It is illegal to divorce, because when leaders of governed countries marry, it is a treaty that cannot be broken. Princess Diana’s biological father was a banker by the name of Goldsmith, which happens to be of Kate Middleton family relations too.

Another common practice is that royals do arrange marriages with cousins or distant relatives to strength the value of their own country’s currency, which became an adhesion of precious metals to bloodline. Even though Americans are not knowledgeable of these rules of nobility, unless joining the ‘Dungeon and Dragon’ club in school, these agreements have been around for more than 500 years. The Queen of Spain is said to be the originator of breeding being the equation of value among her countrymen. In later Centuries, the Spanish Queen exiled criminals to both America and Australia, yet Australia is a Commonwealth country. So, eventually Americans became the worlds’ commodities and completely unaware of the understanding of these ancestry guidelines.

Yes, both Angelina and Brad have been married and divorce before marrying each other, yet they do have 3 biological children together and they adopted an Indonesian noble daughter, Zara. Maddox is Billy Bob Thornton’s adopted son and Pax was adopted only by Angelina and not by Brad. These children were selected by utilizing the laws of nature or breeding value from the countries they chose to adopt from or gave birth in.

Namibia jungles is where the South Africans fought the Russians in the 80s war that lead to the Republic of South Africa and only the whites young men were drafted by their government. Namibia is also known as the ‘Ocean of Diamonds’ and the truth was revealed in the movie ‘Blood Diamond’ that diamonds are plentiful and governments control supply and demand, but they are actually worthless. Yet, amber is the rarest of commodities and sold cheaply as jewelry, which is fossilized sap.

Both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have lineage historically of nobility in France.  Jolie’s family King killed Pitt’s family King Hundreds of years ago. So, the movie ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ was a foreshadowing of their union and him symbolically taking her name as her ancestors once took his name through death and war.

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