Congress is a Fraudulent Organization

WASHINGTON D.C., USA - Sep 18, 2014: Speech by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at the joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives in Washington, DC (USA)

According to the 1933 Bank Relief Act enables power to the people and Congress has no authority to make any decisions on behalf of the American people and have been pretending to have influence in government.  On April 16, 2016 the United States for America was reinstated as a country and overturned the corporation title that was established in 1871. On May 17, 2016 Congress was technically fired and President Obama rightfully took the reins and passed employees being allowed to be paid for their overtime hours.

Congress became vindictive and began banning abortion by pushing their agenda, which was to create laws of felony acts, if doctors were to perform these chosen procedures in Oklahoma and joining South Carolina. Senators knowing presented bills, yet legally Congress is no longer affiliated as government officials.  It was surprising that the Senate and House Representatives packed in on Capitol Hill in protest today.  But this is a day late, dollar short.

GOP leader, Paul Ryan did resign weeks ago, yet he and President Obama shook on establishing the Puerto Rico trust that acts as Americans accounting representatives. Ex-Senator Bernie Sanders took to twitter complaining the fact this trust will be handled by un-elected officials. This is a good thing, because American Congress does not have any authority. If these fake government officials are lying about their clout, then why wouldn’t they lie about stealing from trust funds they know they are not entitled too?

This biggest offender of fraud is the Ex-Senator Rand Paul. He and his dad, Ron Paul, a Ex-Representative of the House were trying to over throw the government from a democracy to a monarchy, yet they are commoners and not entitled to claim the American corporation as their family country. According to worldwide monarchy rules, royalty is a birth right. Even though Queen Elizabeth reigns over the United Kingdom and the historical genealogy shows that Windsor Castle’s ruler is really King Michael, who is an Australian farm worker. The Queen is directed related to superior bloodlines that insure her current rightful rule at Windsor Castle.

The propaganda that Americans are taught that we are all equal is hogwash. Yes, it is stated in the constitution, but it derives from King John and the Magna Carta established 800 years ago. It does not mean what commoners think it means. The ruling class is the ruling class, because they know the value of life and privilege as care takers for their countrymen and not motivated by greed. They recognize their currency depends on the breeding of their citizens and not on their bank roll. Most billionaires are only rich on paper and do not have funds accessible to spend this kind of money.

It has been said that successful businesspersons were exposed to ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ in high school. They obtained a clear understanding of hierarchy and whether people agree or disagree of this system, it is a validated part of nature. America was established by a bunch of criminals and there were 12 wealthy families that pledged their personal commodities as the USA’s saving grace. Yet, conspiracy theorists slander the Illuminati as evil members and use fear in their videos and books, but ignorance is bliss.

The main thing that the Queen gracefully does is she ignores all the false chatter. She does not debate her position and is a regal example not to stoop to the jealous commoners that resent the laws of nature, yet praying to a dead man hanging on a cross is most people’s priority.

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