Panama Papers Reveal Blood Money Profiteers

Bearers are carrying a coffin out of a mourning car

There has been previous blogs written on the DC Metrorail that did not take place, because the Panama Papers were released. The Panama Papers were exposed by a ‘John Doe’ and it has been said that he or she was not seeking personal gain and was not affiliated to the CIA. (Yet, other whistleblowers that have gotten in legal trouble for their actions believe otherwise.) It has been also said that this was not for political gain, yet Americans are automatically branded politically at birth, so yet again these are false assumptions by reporters.

It has been said in history courses that those that own the Panama Canal owns North America, which feeds the world. America is the wealthiest country due to the climate to grow food and the most valuable commodity is quartz crystal mines, which hold information in computers and watches.

In 1933 the US Incorporated went bankrupt and the Glass Steagall Act came to prevent investor funds and commercial capital to intermingle and the Bank Relief Act was intended to give the financial choices to American natural born citizens’ laws were both instated.  But, the thing that most Americans are unaware of is the American people became commodities through their birth and marriage certificates. It means that bloodline is part of the equation to determine the ‘relative’ value of currency. This was designed by the Queen of Spain more than 500 years ago, so when the Constitution mentions ‘every man is equal’ it is referring to the Magna Carta that was created by King John, 800 years ago and does not reveal that each person has a different dollar amount equation, which is called a CUPIS bond, Straw man or commonly known as social security.

The government with the Federal Reverse can access these CUPIS bonds, so President Roosevelt designed social security as credit. Every time a loan, bank account, license, permit or credit card application is signed, then by compliance this allows them access to people’s bloodline money. This money can be accessed by attorneys, judges, doctors, bankers, churches and governments. So, those with unlawful authoritarians have more of a motive to jail someone or let them die for profits.

The truth is that those mentioned in the Panama Papers are claiming they have not done anything wrong, yet the recently fired journalist leaking the leak were forced to resign due to lack of funding. The non-profit organization was directly linked to billionaires with shell companies in Panama Papers themselves. So, the journalists were placed in a position to print propaganda or purposely cover-up the truth of this money, really being blood money that is hidden, because it was earned from the death of others and profiting from their CUPIS bonds.

The poorer to person the more valuable their worth is, in death. Many billionaires are taking these unfortunate countries relative value for themselves and in America they only have to donate the tiniest percentage to the cause, if at all. This is why the rich do not feed or care for the poor, because their profits are better in the grave digging or the death business. This is why American food and water is purposely poisoned and that doctors do not have any good reason to cure their patients.

This is a psychic, medium website and this information is speaking on behalf of our dead.

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