Stock Market Rigging, Yet Playing Dumb


It has been said that Holders of Securitized Loans are untraceable. This is poor excuse not to inform the public the truth of lender practices of their mortgage adhesion contracts that were dismantled for hedge funds to pillage them for stock market profits on both the debt and/or assets, and has purposely created this fraud for profits at the homeowners’ expense. Like Hillary Clinton said when being asked about her private server sending emails, “Everybody is doing it.

Hedge Funds came into existence in 1968, and every 50 years the truth is revealed. There are numerous reports that the hay-day of hedge fund profits is in the past, yet numerous sponsored articles appear to pitch schemes to investors and try to get them to buy shares and/or penny stocks in today’s rigged market. There have been many politicians hawking free books to get people to order, so that people will volunteer their addresses to collect on unknowing income that the government is completely aware of for their personal gain from those subscribing with compliance.

There is a bit of truth, when the Department of Justice claims that the trading of debt and/or assets is untraceable due to bankruptcy laws that went from just being for an individual corporation (birth certificate, relative value) to allowing corporations (paper shares) to also file in bankruptcy courts instated by the late President John F. Kennedy. Yet, he had access to gold to back up the American currency or the term corporation could have been intended to marriage certificates that also hold relative value. But, John McCloy, who was the head of the Warren Commission and Stock Market lawyer worked with the Central bank to allow the Zionist to be able to profit off of their dead relatives and these profits of terrorist crimes still exist in the Israeli tax filings for worldwide Jewish group to be paid on ‘convertible bonds,’ which is bloodshed or through droughts that caused death.

So basically, money and/or currency value has been severely fractured and there are more investors than auditors to be able to sort through the massive amounts of data to be able to determine the algorisms presented today. This came to light with the Panama Papers revelations that many people did not report true facts to any government, yet in 1933, after the Bank Relief Act our elected officials do not have the proper authority to even stake claim to financial matters, even though governments have the public believing in their false power.

The Hedge Fund managers bought up mortgage shares for pennies and they are relying on trading to return to the ‘cap and release’ system of bundling security instruments (houses), after the 2 years of regulations are lifted. This was the same system that brought the America housing bubble and the $700 billion dollar bail-out from the Central bank or what is known as the Federal Reserve.

Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland are actually bigger tax havens, then the exposure of the Panama Papers.  There is a saying, ‘that the only guarantee in life is death and taxes.’ Death and Taxes is technically the same thing in the trading world. So, these propaganda reports that securitization is untraceable is to purposely plant thoughts to prevent millions of homeowners to claim their power and challenge the stock market, government and the Central banking system and to disarm homeowners from standing up and fighting their compliance contract from signing their mortgage documents. These are not even proper documents, because they are undated and just like US Commission of Germany, also a John McCloy scheme, who had organized reparation payments in the 1950s for Holocaust victims, the Israelis have lied about their ‘relative value’ deaths, which is similar to traders violating LIBOR laws.

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