Big Bank Failures Claim ‘Denial of System’

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It is being reported that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is under cyber-attack, yet this is the farthest thing from the truth. The focus on misappropriation of data is really liquidation disappearing. Liquidity is basically fiat money with no value being matched with capital. So, the banks send credit or future debt and this ‘denial of system,’ is technically canceling funds out.

In 2011 a legal complaint was filed in a New York Federal Court against Visa, Mastercard and American Express of interexchange charges that violated our Sherman Anti-Trust laws that dates back to 1860. The judge determined that credit card companies were guilty of rigging interest rates and awarded plaintiffs’ a $6 billion dollar settlement. The mainstream media has suppressed this story. Most of these ‘Class Action’ plaintiffs have tried to discharge this case that is currently in appeals, due to the fact that these major corporation plaintiffs make more profits through liabilities or disposable income items. Shortly following the determination of wrongdoings the government shut-down.

It has been reported that Congress has recently created committees to investigate the ‘denial of system’ transactions. But, in 1933 the Bank Relief Act determined that elected officials have no authority when it comes to determining finances, yet a Federal Judge realized the wrongdoings with credit cards companies dominating the market with insider trading like practices. Also the same year of 1933, when the United States had technically gone bankrupt, the government instated the Glass-Steagall Act to prevent investors to intermingle with commercial banks, yet President Clinton lifted this Glass-Steagall, during the Monica Lewinsky scandal for government officials to personally gain bigger profits.

Elected officials have been directly linked to investment banks and Hedge Funds that came into existence in 1968. It is common knowledge that elected officials are not supposed to accept non-profit or charitable money, because of the assignment of their governed population bond to be able to inflate asset value i.e. Pamela Bondi accepting charitable check for $25,000 true value from Donald Trump to make it $250,000 of inflated valued. This has become common practice, since the Wall Street attorney and Head of the Warren Commission; John McCloy halted denazification to provide reparation payments on February 18, 1950 to the Zionist directed connected to the Central Bank, which is commonly known as the Federal Reserve.  This ruling was a turning point in history in terms of the NASDAQ or store for the Stock Exchange operations. It also instilled a system of jailing or killing Americans as an economical sporting tactic. Because, people with an American social security number has been classified as commodities and Hedge Funds place bids on their debt value or their disposable. The saying ‘they paid their debt to society.’ This is also why dead celebrities are selected or as they say ‘their number is up.’ NASDAQ or Zion Bancorporation was designed by Brigham Young, who was the originator of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which is commonly known as the Mormon Church. And, ‘Latter Day Saints’ means credit on death.

The media is common knowledge to be owned and operated by the Zionist or wealthy Jews that claim the 1st Amendment rights to report propaganda, yet reporters violate the 14th Amendment rights of Americans and immigrates, who have obtained social security numbers that were once handed out by banks like candy, until the Patriot Act was put into place. Now, most banks require residency documents before assigning a bank account.

So the term ‘denial of system’ is alerting banks that their transactions have been canceled, due to plus (capital) and minus (debt) equaling zero. Or, the banks debt for debt as credit is causing an even bigger deficit. The American government dealing in dollars cannot cook the books anymore either. There’s nothing the bankers and/or the US government can do to recalculate capital value at this point and the world marketplace will be forced into trade agreements like NAFTA and TTIP. The math of valuing life on algorisms has been diverted in comparisons to the value of death or future credit or the banker terminology being liquidity.

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