Binary Code Patents Designed to Destroy Bill(s)

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It is common knowledge that Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates got his hands on the operating system becoming the birth of the internet age. It has been revealed in a movie starring Michael Anthony Hall that Gates took the technology to Steve Jobs to avoid the Sherman Anti-Trust laws and purposely created his competition. Also, Macintosh as we know as Apple today is an inferior product, yet this Silicon Valley Company hawked their technology at an overpriced rate in the industry.

Bill Gates is from a banking family with direct links to IBM. Gates knows the value of a dollar through dividend shares in his Microsoft portfolio. Yet, what is not known is that Bill Gates made a partnership deal with Warren Buffett long before their ties were reported to the public that they even knew each other. Another thing these two men did was reach into the pockets of government funding by accessing Treasury bonds, which was true hard assets in the 80s, backed by precious metals or the Knights of the Templar fortune. Warren Buffett created his Empire on sinking sand by creating an unlawful business of insurance known as Geico or generating earnings from buyers’ collateral damages.

Bill Gates has made most of his money through technology patents. Gates licensed the operating system to Jobs forcing the Apple Company to be a more expensive product, yet inferior by having to pay their licensing deal to Microsoft for the minimum use of technology featured. This is why Gates remained smudge and Jobs tried to conceal his aggravation, during televised interviews. Jobs did make a deal with the devil for a piece of the center of the pie or E=MC2.  

Now in present day, the Central banks worldwide are claiming to be pillaged by what is being reported as cyber-attacks of ‘denial of system.’ It is actually the fact that technology patents being funded by real hard assets, being unable to transfer debt or liquidity to itself i.e. throwing out the biggest fish to try to catch plankton, which is mathematically impossible. Also, August 8, 2016 must become the scheduled reset date, according to the operating system’s binary code.

So, the recent reports of the German Deutsche bank resolving their deficit problem and to calm their investors as Silicon Valley being their savior will once again be another back firing event, due to the simple fact that the original investment being of sound and tangible asset adhesion to the operating system that is related to Bill Gates’ silent partner for patenting the technology. Basically, the nickname of the internet being called the ‘Net’ is exactly intended and designed purposely to trap the money system.

Now that Microsoft has a recently filed a lawsuit against the US government for their privacy violations, once again Gates is basically suing his silent partner in court and causing a massive gridlock of the American dollar, which is known as the worlds’ currency.  

You may ask why technology wants to capture money to just make it disappear. Because for thousands of years, royalty and nobility (Congress) has been canceling out their competition for more land and/or riches. Yet, dollars are a figment of our imaginations, yet there has been more bloodshed for Centuries to obtain it. So in reason, real power is in the people and not in a ruling class of elected officials or in a bank account. And, Bills Gates did join this mind boggling scheme for the simple reason of love and knowing that his silent partner’s life and bloodline depended on this destruction plan.       

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