Horoscope Signs of Candidates for President

hillary clinton

The election is 5 months away, yet the Presidential candidates are elbowing their way to the finish line with twitter wars and insults. It appears surreal that these adults acting as kids fighting a school yard. America does need a change, yet will the United States get it with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  The ‘Commander in Chief’ leads the military branches with assistance from the Intelligence Community. It is obvious that both, Hillary and Trump have been extremely popular in the media for decades. It has been said that their daughters are friends and they both are New York residents, so the major differences is their gender.

It has been said that usually the candidate the is more disliked becomes the winner to cross the finish line and gain the Presidential title. Hillary Clinton is born on October 26, 1947 and Donald Trump’s birthday is June 14, 1946. They both have Mars in Leo and this makes each of them leaders with big egos. Mars is the ruling planet of work habits. Leos do seek their confidence through constant praise through attention being the life of the party.  So, these exchanges of insults towards each other must really be bruising their performance deeply.

It is not a surprise that Scorpions have a sharp tongue and can be vindictive or some can be as the phoenix that will rise from the ashes. Yet, Gemini is the twin personality of constant change with dual personalities that are usually smart and quick witted. The most concerning factor of both candidates for President is they are not tech savvy. Former First Lady used a private server and claims everyone else has done it. Donald Trump is said to only know how to tweet and this is a red flag for younger generations.

Also, Donald Trump’s charities or non-profit organizations have been used to funnel money through another politician electoral bond, yet Trump has had his own for years and is known for being the least likely charitable donor to the causes he has boast about in the media. Hillary and Bill run the Clinton Foundation, which was recently reported to be stashed in off shore accounts and revealed in the Panama Papers.

Hillary has a lot of symbolic water astrology signs in her chart and this means she is very much as a typical Scorpion. This means she is extremely intuitive and creative, but her bite is worse than her bark. Trump also has water signs placed in his chart that makes him extremely moody and a glutton for more of everything from food, sex or power that will never be satisfied.

So basically, the bare bones of this Presidential election come down to gender. The world has been experiencing a gender war, since the King of Persia killed his wife, Ishtar approximately 6,000 years ago and gave Ishtar’s father, Sin the power to rule the moon, which represents women and the cycles of nature or motherhood. It will be interesting, who will be nominated.

Trump wants guns allowed in the classrooms and keep the 2nd Amendment intact, yet exile Mexicans and violate the 14th Amendment Right.  Hillary wants to violate the 2nd Amendment Right by banishing guns from America. Trump wants to jail women that have abortions and supports law enforcement and insights violence at his rallies. Hillary wants to be the poster child for women leadership, yet she took over $200,000 worth of White House items when leaving office. What choice would a responsible voting American make?

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