MK Ultra in Our Minds, Even if Rogue


Jerry E. Smith passed years ago, but his books and radio interviews still prove that he was light years ahead of his time. Jerry published books on the HAARP, the sacred lance, John F. Kennedy assassination and he was extremely knowledgeable of the MK-Ultra mind control that still exists in today’s society. These experiences are said to be designed by the CIA to create operatives to carry out missions.

Jerry E. Smith wrote of the HAARP in detail being a sophisticated technology located in Alaska to control the weather. He did mention in interviews that Alaska was originally Russian territory is the biggest State in the Union producing fossil fuel. Alaskans get an energy check from the State government on an annual basis. When asked in confidential conversations the key to HAARP that was not published, he replied, ‘a pulse.’ This surely means that Reagan funded a million dollars in the HAARP project for a specific individual. Jerry E. Smith also informed audiences that HAARP was actually owned and controlled by Russians too.

He also co-wrote a book on the lance that pierced Jesus, while on the cross. There are many people that believe Jesus was a mythical character, yet Jewish secrecy believes the story is about a rich Jewish real estate developer and his 12 accountants, whose name was Issa. The metal of the lance is said to be the same type of metal portrayed in the ‘Terminator’ movies that can change form. He has his suspicions to where the lance is hidden, but the one place suggested to him seems most intriguing. It has been reported that the well-known sword or what Jerry called the lance is buried in Jim Morrison’s tomb.  Jim Morrison grave site still draws the biggest crowd of tourists, even today.

The assassination of John F. Kennedy traumatized a nation. It is common knowledge that former President George H. W. Bush, Sr. was the head of the CIA and has stated that the 1940s MK-Ultra files were destroyed under his supervision, while head of the Central Intelligence Agency. It has been alleged that the murder of J.F.K. was called ‘Operation Zapata,’ which is the name of the Bush family oil rigs that appear to be as trophies in statute. There is online videos of Bush, Sr. speeches and his claims of the New World Order plan and that there is no more king of the jungle.

It has been rumored this plan was intercepted by an MK-Ultra victim, who was an American, who was selected to be a foreign operative that went rogue. Basically, this agent’s mind control project was interfered by them being a pot smoker. The reason our government refuses to return to Americas’ grassroots of the USA most profitable commodity by growing and producing Marijuana is it would be difficult to keep the mind control programs working on the masses.

Former President George W. Bush is also a victim of a MK-Ultra project and was traumatized by the death of Robin, his younger sister at the age of three in 1949. Jerry E. Smith had stated that these MK-Ultra programs actually originated in South Africa and Hollywood reinforced this fact with the Denzel Washington movie, ‘Safe House’ that was filmed in Cape Town.

So, these mind control projects are always said to be created by the Nazis, yet the music, film and television mainstream media continues to promote the programming agenda and it is well publicized that the Jews run the entertainment industry. It is not taught in history classes, but the Jews hijacked the stock market in 1950 and were paid generously for their dead relatives (real or fake), during the Holocaust. It is also clearly written in the Israeli Tax filings that Jewish group all over the world still earn from deaths from terrorism and/or droughts.

Could this American CIA operative have gone rogue with ties to the Kennedy family, HAARP, lance metal, MK-Ultra programming to be able to overthrow the New World Order and currently claim the world currency to be the New Order World, where the king of the jungle is still the king?

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