Unknown Marilyn Monroe History


In the 90s, there was a news article reporting that Marilyn Monroe was the biological daughter of Howard Hughes, the wealthy aviation inventor and movie mogul during the 40s. Paramount was developing a script for a movie based on this unknown fact. The producers decided not to make the movie, because Marilyn and Howard had a sexual relationship. But them retracting the production on these grounds was not the real reason for squashing the film. This detail was common knowledge, even during the time that Marilyn Monroe had signed with Fox Studios as a young adult.

Another unknown fact was that Rupert Allan; her publicist had helped conceal Marilyn’s full term pregnancy by submitting old photos to magazines on her behalf. Rupert Allan did speak of the son that Marilyn Monroe carried full term and gave birth too. There have been a few women that claim to be the late movie star’s biological daughter in videos and articles today, yet her publicist told the story of her delivering a boy.

Another thing about the famous bombshell is that her mother was a Mexican immigrant, who was born in Mexico City. Her mother, Gladys was a film cutter for Howard Hughes’ studio at the time she conceived Norma Jean aka Marilyn Monroe and purposely put into a funny farm to avoid a scandal. Or, was it known to doctors and the foster care system that raising Norma Jean in the government system would be more profitable to them. Maybe it was for both reasons?

It was reported, before Marilyn’s death that she had gone to Mexico to shop for furniture for her Brentwood home. Also, that she was fired by the studio executives for neglecting to show up for filming on most days for her last movie “Something’s Got to Give.” If you listen to interviews of studio heads they basically and blatantly justify her death as a budgeting issue. There were three well-known men that were speeding away from Marilyn’s house the night before she was reported dead, yet the cop did not write them a ticket being impressed by their celebrity images. It has been said that Marilyn Monroe was taken to the morgue and was buried alive. And, her frantic calls to the White House were due to the disappearance or kidnapping of her toddler son.

Rupert Allen never revealed the biological father and would shrug his shoulders when asked. Yet, when looking back in history there has been myths of the ‘Bloody Mary’ ghost ritual of chanting in the mirror and ‘Jack the Ripper’ killer disguised the Masons work for their government(s), who hunted bloodlines or babies born out of wedlock, since the time of Jesus Christ (real name Issa). Jesus or Issa was a wealthy real estate developer that actually had a daughter named Sarah with an unmarried harlot. Among Jewish secrecy,  Issa had an arranged married, but instead of a wedding, Issa (Jesus) went to Egypt to study the mystic art of psychic ability at age fourteen and returned 2 years later to his bride-to-be, who was sentenced by the community as their sex slave.

Marilyn Monroe is known to be the first ‘Monarch Slave,’ which derives from MK-Ultra programming. This government mental warfare was designed to traumatize children to desensitize the generations through television and movies for the soul purpose to instill fear to control and gain compliance or basically dumb down the public to steal their worth.

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