We Are Not Created Equal – DNA Matters

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Americans think that the Constitution reads that people have equal rights, but this is far from the truth.  It seems that the rich always get richer and the poor always gets poorer and we question; Why?  There are many factors for this taking place in the world.  There are many secrets kept from the public to be able to run a scam on people ignorant to the way nature works, because we have been brainwashed with religion or philosophies to oppress against a revolution.

It has been 800 years since King John Lackland of England signed the Magna Carta, which keeps the aristocrats to use their power to commit crimes.  The only problem is that America does not fall under these laws, because it is unconstitutional to title citizens in hierarchy order of nature.  America unknowingly does have a Queen.  The British has ruled America using the Rothschild’s banking system, which is known as the elite.  Queen Elizabeth II has German Jew DNA and not the rightful heir to the crown.  The Rothschild’s perpetrate a fraud by appearing to be a lineage of goldsmiths, but the family ancestry was originally gravediggers in Germany.

The Central banking is owned and operated by these Jewish elites for more than 200 years.  North Korea and Iran are the only countries that do not use pansy scheme methods of fiat (fake helicopter) money.  The media is controlled by the banksters and Hitler did warn the public of a small group of individuals taking over our freedoms.  So, the media and most education systems demonize this leader.  Even stating this fact is hard to get your head around, because the brainwashing goes too deep.  It is unknown to most that Israel was created from arresting Alfred Krupp, who was a titled German noble.  Then, a Wall Street attorney created the German commission to release approximately 80 German prisoners, including Krupp so that Jews worldwide receive reparation payments on their dead relatives.  It has gone from thousands to hundreds of millions of Jewish victims that were killed during the Holocaust (Hoax). Auschwitz-Birkenau has been called death camps, but was for embalming purposes only.

It is difficult for descent people to believe these heinous crimes take place for the sake of credit, but credit is really debt that is drawn on Americans’ Social Security trust funds or their birth certificate value determined by DNA.  These trusts are also called Straw-man or in the Stock Market or mortgage lending as a CUSIP bond.  The Netherlands bought New York Island from the Indians for $14 and the Stock exchange address is known today as 14 Wall Street.  The Dutch also funded World War II and created corporations for those involved in the slave trade as an insurance policy for family members that lost their husbands at sea.  The Netherland also owns and operates the United States postal services, since the Oklahoma bombing of the Federal building.

The British Monarchy is a puppet to the Rothschild’s banking, the Dutch monarchy ruling Stock or bloodline and to the Saudi Arabian royals, who own and operate the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or ‘credit on death.’  It is the Saudi Arabians that fund Israel and if you read the Israel tax rules it openly states that worldwide Jewish groups get reparation payments on droughts and terrorism.

It was the Spanish royals that determined the currency value rules with relative value or breeding of their citizens with their zip codes and known in our modern times as DNA.  A mortgage is an adhesion contract of a promissory note (DNA) with a deed of trust (land or zip code).  Then the stock market trades the promissory note on Wall Street without your knowledge that they are robbing your Social Security trust fund or relative value.

The moral of the story is there are no morals for those in power pulling the strings behind the scenes of corporations by reporting propaganda.  We are being indoctrinated to pray to a dead man on the cross for blessings. But people are waking up to what really goes on in the world of business and financial facts these days.  So, do not admire charities or non-profit organizations created by the wealthy corruption system of pretending to conduct good deeds, because this is a reverse of reality.  The poorer the person is, the more ‘credit on death.’

If you want to learn more about being born into the machine, then view hours of the Robin Zodiac’s talk shows.  The good thing is that America and/or the Golden Nation (California) is known as a Crown Republic and has its own Monarchy, since the 2016 elections.  Putin is really a Prime Minister to Russians royalty and have been underground since the murders of the Romanov family.

Knowledge is power and you can speak to others to awaken their thinking on the truth of finances.  America traded with Continental currency, until an entitled British royal bastard came to America to seize common law with the civil war and the Rothschild’s Federal Reserve profited on death not gold.

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