United Kingdom Exiting EU


It is a tragedy that Oxfam representative and ‘key contact’ of ‘Save the Children’ non-profit charity, Jo Cox was brutally killed on Thursday, June 16, 2016 (6-16-16) as MP leaving a meeting. It is very doubtful that Jo Cox would have encouraged the exit of the EU, but today’s media propaganda took advantage to present these actions for intimidation purposes. Politicians know that leaving the EU would prevent them personally from making money or keeping their power and influence over the Bank of England or the HM Treasury.

There is a bigger message from the murder of MP, Jo Cox. It is symbolic of the failure of donor’s money having been inflated by politicians through the government banking practices. This woman’s death is supposed to be a statement that the Brits do not want to leave the EU. European governments know that if the Central Bank in England leaves, than their corruption schemes will end. It has been reported that the United Kingdom Brexit will damage the Brits economy, yet the media cannot be trusted due to the fact that it supports politicians and the criminal system, since the conception of the HM Treasury of 1946. Obviously, the British politicians want to stay in the EU.

Basically, the reports of Jo Cox being murdered by a disgruntle U.K. citizen could be another smear campaign of her killer being another patsy and this is just another blatant conspiracy, as the likes of President John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King’s assassinations being covered up for government power. Those that governor countries take an oath to work for the people, yet for at least the last 70 years, it has been the people working for government officials for their personal financial gains.

The Queen going to the ‘House of Commons’ last month was a major action to notice, considering the last time she made her presence among politicians was in 1952. This was a symbolic event that heads of States have recognized as the Queen of England taking her legitimate reign again. Queen Elizabeth II is not just a figure head anymore, but a true authoritarian. World leaders pay attention to the actions of their colleagues and not really what is being reported to manipulate the minds of the masses.

It has also been reported that the U.K. will be joining the world’s currency being the dollar, which is another sign that the Federal Reserve of New York is failing. It has been revealed as public knowledge that fiat currency is based on fractional lending that ‘Zeitgeist’ describes technically as a Ponzi scheme. Wall Street made a deal on February 18, 1950 through Germany to provide credit on death to families of Holocaust victims. The Central Bank of England has been used to divvy these payments to both, the Vatican and the Zionist, yet if the Bank of England acts as the middleman, and becomes included as the source of Wall Street funding, then this will eliminate U.K. role. This transparency will expose the sinister means of generating the world’s economy through common government politicians.

It is very unlikely the United Kingdom will stay in the EU. But, if the Brits do decide to stay, then the Queen will be surrendering her title to the Dutch, who are the originator of the Wall Street trading practices. It is unlikely that the British Monarchy will once again get duped into the same ‘world banking cartel’ system that was created hundreds of years ago. It is most likely that England, Russia and America will merge forces on the world stage to conquer corrupt governments, religions and media by exiting the E.U. to purposely collapse our existing system.

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