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Psychic readings can be a quick fix to revealing emotional and/or mental discomfort. Mostly women use psychic hotlines, yet the men that call are usually successful business men, according to statistics. Women that are going through challenges find that an accurate intuitive perception can be a healing experience. There are many readers that claim to be gifted, because of the financial benefits involved. A talented reader does not tell the seeker what to do or feel, yet guides callers in a direction for the best results for their clients. Psychics provide information to those on love, finances or family issues.

Love is a complicated emotion that is forever changing. There are different degrees of love.  When a lover is experiencing turmoil, and a caller contacts someone that can sense where they are in their lives, sharing these burdens can cause instant relief. Everyone plays games by pushing boundaries as a test to get reactions to validate their own emotional self or feel the depth of their lover’s feelings. It is not advisable to encourage clients to play games for clients to gain more insecurities as the outcome. There are advisors that design these predictions to maintain dependence from the caller on their services.

There is popular websites online to advertise psychic readers for hire, yet the majority of these people providing services have been known to be motivated by the money. It is said that psychics are one of the oldest professions. There is a growing population of intuitive professionals, yet a clear channel is usually a psychic reader that enjoys helping people more than focusing on the financial rewards. Beware of gypsies that claim to have magical powers to ward off negative energy for a price. These gypsies are usually committing a crime, not that candle and herb burning doesn’t work magic for the believer. But, magic rituals should be done in private, by reaping the personal effects of this power. There are many stories of gypsies being arrested and sentenced from embezzling funds through intimidation practices of evil spirit threats to execute fear for the purpose of financial profits.

Psychic ability is normally born into a family lineage. Either a relative has gained notoriety through family tales of their gift being useful or a person has had a near death experience. Telepathy or Extra Sensor Perception (E.S.P.) has been publicly slandered as not being real, yet when something is not understood most critics deny these possibilities.

Robin Zodiac’ aka ‘Psychic Mom’ has been a media known ‘Famous Celebrity Psychic’ for more than 2 decades. She started as an actress in Hollywood, yet made the conscience decision to pursue the healing arts as a psychic instead. She has provided useful tools to cultivate long term, loving partnerships in her advice eBooks and has also written a book on her psychic detective work. Robin did go off the media grid for several years, but never abandoned her life’s work as a psychic.

Robin Zodiac does entertain her audience listeners with a combination of her psychic perceptive with current affairs. She can be heard every Sunday, between 1pm-2pm-PST on CRN Talk radio. It has been said that her programming provokes people to think of things differently. She has said many times that she is being responsible for what she knows and by revealing details that go on behind the scenes or that maybe hidden as public knowledge, can be either entertaining for some or disruptive to others.

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