Adopted Children Perceptions Run Deep


There are parents that desperately want children included in their family. There are married couples that do not usually consider their union as being a family without having a baby, yet this is the furthest thing from the truth. Adopting a child is a not as difficult as it seems, if pursuing an older kid.  Most adoptive parents want to get a baby, so they can raise them from their beginnings of life.

It is known that adopted children always live with abandonment issues.  A huge percentage of inmates are from adopted homes.  These feelings of rejection never leave them.  There are adoptees that never look for their biological parents and there are those, who find their birth parents.  Adopted adults can contact the Department of Social Services from the State named on their amended birth certificate and add themselves to a list to connect with their birth parents.  It has been in recent years that foster kids can do the same in trying to reconnect with siblings they were raised with in childhood too.

Child Protective Services is paid $5,000 for each child they remove from a home and place into a non-relative foster home.  The government will push parents to sign over their parental rights, especially if the parents have been arrested due to drug charges.  Children are the most valuable of commodities for the government system to profit from and are paid to educate, and controlling the care for these missed placed children.

There are celebrities that adopt rainbow families with children from different backgrounds or countries. It is publicized that adoption is being an admirable quality, yet there is financial gain.  Such as; in California, when Anglo-Saxon parents adopt children of Mexican or Native American descent children, they receive thousands of dollars a month.  So, there are adopting parents that pursue this income without sincere motives when filing for legal guardianship.

An adopted adult usually has relationship issues that usually overflow into their personal lives, even after they give birth to their biological babies.  There are the exceptions to the rules, but they will always harbor feeling of inadequacies or undeserving of love and acceptance.  It has been stated that people develop character from 50% genetics and 50% environmental influences that molds a personality of someone.

Back in the days, single moms were put into homes and after giving birth, their babies were automatically put up for adoption.  A developing fetus having the host’s brainwaves has already been programmed by fear and this stigma energy brought on by society.  The times have changed a bit towards single moms. There are schools that cater to teenagers going to school and getting educated and able to keep their babies.

There are deep trust issues for an adopted person.  If they are adopted into a family with biological siblings they will always feel neglected.  Adoptive parents usually love their adopted children more than their own biological ones.  The excuse is the weaker child usually gets the most love. So, adopting children is seen as a selfless act of kindness, but it will most likely have negative effects on the family.

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