Alcoholics Anonymous’ Dead Celebrities


Kurt Cobain, Prince, Amy Winehouse have allot in common.  It was reported that these talent musicians committed suicide and had drug addiction issues.  Another thing was they had refused to go on tour. Kurt Cobain denied Lollapalooza, Prince said no to tour with Madonna and Amy Winehouse turned down concerts too.  Most of their fans do not believe that their idols, at the height of their careers, would have killed themselves.

It seems that attending an AA meeting is the best place to get support from others that have indulged in getting high on drugs and/or alcohol. Yet, sitting in those meetings, it is difficult to believe that people with deep seeded demons quit and believe that they have instantly become angels from reading, studying and working the ‘12 Step Program,’ which attendees call ‘The Big Book.’  Allot of people in recovery do backslide and use, yet they still stand up to get sober birthday acknowledgments.

It seems that sober addicts do not use discernment, if a friend of ‘Bill W.’ It is astonishing that speakers will talk of all their friends that died in their arms without a tear in their eye and don’t even seem choked up about it.  Everyone pats the speaker on their back after talking about the horrible things they have done under the influence.  It is a brainwashed society of hooligans that believe they are fine now that there is a room full of people that are just as corrupt as them.

Bill Wilson is one of the main founders of A.A. He was actually a stock broker in New York City and was funded by Rockefeller to publish the secrets to getting and staying straight.  It is about being of service and one of the steps is to make amends with family or friends that have been affected from the abuse.  It helps the precognitive desistance’s mind to feel vindicated of their past actions. Some like to believe it is a disease and it has been recognized in the medical community to be able to profit on weak and injured souls of those dealing with addiction.

Even during prohibition, it has never been illegal to drink alcohol and nothing in the constitution prevents Americans from doing drugs, at least smoking Marijuana.  The Volker Act of 1919 stopped the manufacturing and distribution of alcohol as the 18th Amendment and it was overturned in 1933 with the 21st Amendment.  It was also in 1933 that Americans became commodities. And, stock broker; Bill Wilson traveled the country and frequented bars to collect names and telephone numbers to obtain stock.       

It seems that joining A.A. with a full of felons or going to rehab and sharing your wrongdoings is a disaster ready to happen. Even in videos that Bill W. acted in had expressed guilt and regret for stealing peoples value.  Bill Wilson never wanted to be a celebrity and the ‘Big Book’ states they are not affiliated to any organization, but Congress supports arrests by law enforcement and rehab centers take medical insurance payments.

It has been said that dead celebrities are ‘Illuminati sacrifices’ and the Illuminati was made up of 12 families that sold shares of their businesses on the stock exchange. (K-ill-um-in-a-t.i.) T.I. means paperwork. So, it is most likely that Kurt Cobain, Prince and Amy Winehouse were murdered by the same industry that pretended to care for them, yet it is a stock trader’s game they lost.

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