Fall of the World’s Power


After the release of the Panama Papers, the mainstream media being both the Associated Press and Reuters combined is the United Press, Inc. have been doing their best to down play the severity of this discovery. These organizations are included in the worldwide crimes of governments against humanity. This sad state of affairs is catching up with them, especially these last few weeks.

This month of zodiac sign Gemini means shock and surprise, but it does appear it is those creating corruption are going to get their karma. Yet, the news (UPI) seems to leak fluff stories to soften the worry of the culprits that are committing these ‘white collar crimes.’ But, the real truth is that ‘Pandora’s box’ of fraud and corruption has been opened and it is like an out of control wildfire that can never be contained i.e. Centralia, Pennsylvania.

  • Central Bank is unable to transfer funds to other Central Banks from ‘denial of system.’
  • Convertible and Senior Bonds are worthless.
  • Traders violating LIBOR laws are being indicted, and the first American arrested for these common practices against homeowners.
  • Congress is no longer allowed to fundraise, which is the majority of their role in government.
  • All Cable companies and News organizations are downsizing, due to lack of funding.
  • United Kingdom is forced to exit the EU system.
  • Israel has been boycotted and goes to the United Nations, who is guilty of the same illegal actions and practices.
  • Pentagon cyber intrusions by Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear.
  • C.I.A. operative indictment in Italy.
  • False Flag operation in Orlando, Florida.
  • Media leaks providing propaganda reporting.
  • Oil being of surplus and rigged pricing.
  • Stock Market tumbling, yet being propped up.
  • Hedge Funds reported to becoming non-existent.
  • Both, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump breaking the law.

So, the fall of world governments is upon us. There is a solution to every problem, but is quite alarming that no one seems to care or is in complete denial. It is business as usual, yet there technically is no business in the marketplace that can be profitable at this point in history. Yet, America was once a great farming community with hemp as the most prosperous commodity and the grassroots of the United States economy.

It has been sold that the ‘net’ of technology was to capture the population for leaders in government, yet the tables have turned and the ‘net’ clearly has been designed to capture the governments and world leaders as a whole (black hole). Obviously, there has been one arrest in the United States for LIBOR violations, and this stock trader will probably take a plea deal and offer money to avoid jail, which will once again backfire (catch 22) on the very system created 66 years ago by a Stock Market lawyer, John McCloy, who was also the head of the Warren Commission.

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