Natalie Wood Essence

Natalie Wood Perfume

Natalie Wood is a Hollywood legend actress that left us way too soon.  Her passing in the 1980s still has her fans morning her loss.  She was a child actress that graced audiences with her elegant and classy presence in every film.  Natalie took most pride being a mother to her two daughters; Natasha Gregson Wagner and Courtney Wagner, who have created a signature perfume in remembrance of their mom.

Natalie Wood is being introduced to the millennium generation through her essence of scent.  This incredible ‘Eau De Parfum’ has had the assistance from the well-known French perfume chemist, Thierry Mugler.  The story of the Natalie fragrance derives from her co-star, Barbara Stanwyck gifting Natalie with a bottle of the perfume similar to the current fragrance today.

There are many wonderful perfumes on the market.  Most women are raised believing that Chanel No. 5 is the one and only scent to wear to make an impact when circulating around others.  This is no longer true with the Natalie fragrance being available.  The Natalie bottle is a bit old fashion, yet classic.  It holds the perfect combination of musk, gardenias, citrus and vanilla essential oils.  It does have a strong noticeable redolent as do Tierry Mugler’s other designed fragrances he had a hand in.  Natalie lasts for hours on the skin by settling into a soft vanilla aroma.

Another great thing about the Natalie fragrant is it smells the same on every woman.  There are so many perfumes that mix with a person’s body chemistry and the scent can change.  Also, the cost for Natalie’s signature cologne is competitively priced, but worth the compliments that follow from the quality desired.  Perfume locks in memories for loved ones like Natalie’s scent has done for her daughters with style and grace.

There are many celebrities that present the fashion industry with a perfume, yet most are not successful.  It is a competitive market to get retail shelf space in stores.  Natalie’s mystic essence is available online and in a few specialty shops, yet it is predicted to be a long lasting success story for years to come.  The women behind the scenes work very hard on a daily basis to please each and every customer, because they know it will be loved and enjoyed.

As Barbara Stanwyck gifted Natalie Wood a bottle of perfume many years ago, this Hollywood tradition will continue with women sampling, purchasing and them too, gifting to friends and family.  Join a Hollywood family tradition that will continue for lifetimes from daughters remembering their mother’s smell to their daughters, etc.

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