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It seems the last 2-3 weeks that Johnny Depp has gotten more press, than he has in the last decade.  It was reported that his mother had died and his wife filed for a divorce within days.  Johnny Depp is one of the most talented actors of our times, yet he has been declining with the Box Office audiences.  With actors being on algorithmic system, this can be hazardous to their health.

Domestic violence is unacceptable.  Many women stay because to a field undeserving and believe they deserve to be physically abuse.  It has been reported that one out of five women will be assaulted in their lifetime.  There are instances when men are to be used to, yet it seems more mentally abusing women.  There is no excuse for physical harm under any circumstance.  Most of abusers do escalate to more serious injuries executed as time goes on.

Johnny Depp is much older than his wife, Amber Heard.  There were court documents that Amber Heard has been involved in domestic violence situation with another woman in the past.  It was also reported that her assault charges were dropped.  Johnny Depp does not have any history of being an abuser.  It seems surreal that he has a restraining order filed against him by using the ex-wife too.

It has also been in the news that Johnny Depp recently lost his mother two illness.  It was these following days that Amber have made these claims against him and filed for divorce.  It seems that Johnny would have been troubled from getting the news of his mother’s death.  Also in the last few months, they have made the news from taking Heard’s two Yorkie dogs to Australia with falsified permits to import them.  Amber was summons to court, but the story went away with an apology.

Johnny Depp is born June 9, 1963 and his wife, Amber Heard’s birthday is April 22, 1986, which makes her 23 years younger than him.  According to their astrological charts, Amber really held Johnny’s heart.  It also reads that Amber enjoys arguing and has to have things her way.  It also says that Amber is extremely ambitious, yet Johnny can be critical.  And, Amber travels with the riffraff type of people, even though she is extremely smart to know better.  Johnny enjoys beautiful things, yet Amber is a wild one unable to conqueror as a possession.

It obviously looks like Amber is an opportunist that married a Hollywood name for the soul purpose of recognition.  There are marriages with this age gap that do work, but when adding celebrity into the union it spells disaster.  Johnny and Amber did make an attractive couple, yet he seems to be more European and her being as American apple pie.

It also has been reported that Amber dropped the spousal support claim in court documents.  There was mention of a prenuptial agreement and they were married less than two years with no children.  It is also public knowledge that Amber has had homosexual relationships in the past.  It was also reported that Johnny had friends go by their house to gather his things and Amber did call the authorities in regards to this visit.

Robin Zodiac rights in her book, “Secrets Surviving a Divorce” that most relationships and from a death in the family.

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