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The world has an epidemic, which in fact 85% of the population is affected.  The rude reality is most of us having parasites in our small intestines.  There are different types of parasites and most people are unaware that they are infected.  It has been said that rat poop gets into cow food and the cows eat it and humans eat the meat.  Parasites can also be ingested from the eating raw vegetables. There are various types of parasites from different parts of the world that cause similar symptoms and most can be remedied.

There are different types of parasites the most common is a known as “Whipworms” and causing the Trichuriasis infection affecting 800 million people in tropical regions. The symptoms are abdominal pain, rectal prolapse causing bloody diarrhea and low red blood cells among long term blood loss. Whipworms come on from soil of contaminated food. Whipworms are usually treatable with medication.

“Pork Tapeworm” is a well-known parasite that thrives in the human stomach and commonly caught by eating under cooked pork.  They are flat segmented worms at live in the intestines of pigs and/or humans. Pork tapeworm can be cured at early detection, yet 60% of tapeworm larvae travel to the brain causing cysts that bring on seizures, comas and hallucinations.  Pork tapeworm larvae can live in the brain, eyes, heart and muscles and there are 50 million people in America infected.  The longest life spam known was 35 years and measured 108’ (33 meters) in length.  It eats ingested food and robs its host of vitamins and minerals, which can cause weight gain in some hosts, yet there is no real symptoms, but stomach pains, nausea, vomiting, and constant hungry with weight loss.  It is best to stop eating sugar and can be destroyed by garlic, pumpkin seeds and goldenseal.  Seek out medical attention for a test and medication early.

Another common parasite is the “Blood Flukes” a.k.a. Schistosoma, which is worldwide and 100 million people are infected using snails as the host to latch onto human skin. Blood Flukes hatches its eggs in the intestines or bladder, which causes fevers, itching, days of diarrhea, headaches and rashes. If Blood Flukes goes untreated it can bring on seizures and/or paralysis the spinal cord and affecting the brain, bladder, liver and lungs.  Blood Flukes has an influence on malnutrition and children having learning disabilities. It is the most damaging parasite in the world related to poverty and found in Africa, parts of South Asia and the Middle East.

Another common parasite is “Roundworm” or Filariasis.” This parasite has been determined to be in 80 different worldwide countries and has infected 1 billion people.  Roundworm can be treated with medication to prevent transmission to others. It is a decease carried by flies and mosquitos and once bitten gets into the bloodstream and goes to the lymphatic system causing swelling of abnormal size, the skin is painful and thick.

Trypanosomiasis known as the “Tsetse Fly” can be fatal, if not treated.  It is also called the ‘African Sleeping Sickness’ to 10 million people living in rural areas.  In 1990 there was 34,000 deaths compared to now of 9,000, who have died and has been around for a thousand years.  It causes a person to experience trouble sleeping, fevers, confusion, poor coordination, joint pain, headaches, paralysis the limbs, which can kill someone from organ failure.

Africa is inflicted with the ‘Loa Loa’ or ‘Loa Loa Eyeworm Filariasis’ skin and eye decease. It is estimated that 12 million Africans have contracted Loa Loa.  Surgery is mandatory following medicationafterwards is required.  Loa Loa is transmitted to humans through Deer Flies and this parasite can live inside up to 17 years causing severe pain, swelling and itching. This worm damages the retina layers and infects the lymph glands and causes kidney damage.

Africa has black flies living near rivers that bite humans the worms get into the skin and hatch larvae, which is known as ‘River Blindness’ or Onchocerca Volvulus Nematode has infected 37 million people and 800,000 suffered from vision loss. River Blindness cause epilepsy, bumps under the skin, with severe itching, nodding decease and Mazzotti reaction, which can be life threatening.

Also, eating raw or undercooked seafood can give a person ‘Anisakis’ parasites it another type of Nematode that attacks the gastric. Anisakis dies trying to dig its way into the intestinal walls, which people experience severe abdominal pain.  The immune cells react by forming a wall around the Nematode, which blocks the digestive tract, which causes vomiting and robs the body of nutrients. The symptoms are similar to crones’ decease creating weight loss and having blood in diarrhea stools.

So, it is advisable to cook seafood, raw vegetables and pork thoroughly and always wash your hands before and after eating. And, if traveling to Africa wear lightweight long sleeves and pants to avoid these pesky parasites from infecting your body.

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