Summer Colors for 2016

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The summer of 2016 colors are soft and easy to the eyes. Pastels and neutral colors are very much in fashion for clothing and interior decorators.  Even religion uses color as an energy that projects a person’s aura. It is said that men are most attracted to women wearing red, which is not this summer’s color and white and pink.  White was the big new year trend and light pinks or mauves are this summer.

According to candle magic, red and white candles create pink surrounds that draws in love.  It is not a popular interior color, especially for men.  Not everyone looks good in mauve, but everyone looks good in peach, still not a man’s color choice.  It is said that men like their women in darker pinks, mauve and peach not their home interiors, yet blended peach with mauve works well this summer.

Yet, medium shade of blues in a common color for both fashion and used best as bathroom paint.  It is fine for a heterosexual couples’ to use various shades of blue in their bedrooms, but the medium sea blue or lavender or purple blues are this year’s winners.

No one can go wrong with neutral colors are boring, yet iced coffee seems to be the thing for 2016. It is not the most flattering color to wear, because it does wash-out most skin tones. Gray is the less likely color to win over a future boss or attract a person in a nightclub or outing, yet gray lilac is this summer’s recommended color.  So, think of colors that would blend with neutral colors, instead of loud or bold shades.

Sage is most commonly used in kitchens for a soothing comfortable environment. Yet, lighter bright green wears well on those with green to hazel eyes and is fashionable. There are many different greens to describe, but green with a hue of sage is pleasant and simple in fashion or home accessories can complement a room with decorating color.

Allot of people paint the kitchen’s yellow, but butterscotch yellow are big colors this summer. It does not scream bright sun rays, but subdued tan like yellow. Butterscotch coloring is a classy look for clothing and especially nice on dark skin tones.  It stands out, but an elegant appearance. Butterscotch and medium tannish brown go really well together, but won’t look like a bumble bee. Most blondes can wear the color butterscotch well, unless they have more pink in their skin tones.

The last color is difficult to suggest, because it is as if it is a medium to dark tan peachy shade.  It doesn’t appear to be the best choice that the DuPont family selected for this season. It is dual and flat. So, mauve pink, medium green, light sea blue and purple blue, lavender blue and gray, butterscotch yellow, medium tan and medium peachy tan is the suggested colors for the summer of 2016.



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