America’s Truest Independence Day

Fireworks party

It is Independence Day in America. Many friends and family will be gathering today to watch the July 4th fireworks. It is best to have this date fall on a Monday this year. All banks and government agencies are closed today. It is a good time of year to picnic or barbeque. It is usually hot weather in America to enjoy the outdoors.

It is traditional to eat hamburgers and hot dogs, but especially watermelon. People usually plan to be by lakes or the beach to swim or boat. There is crowds and traffic in these places. This can be a romantic holiday as lovers cuddle under the fireworks sitting on blankets or tailgating from their cars.

Allot of animals run away from the loud explosion sounds that occur. This is the busiest time of year for animal shelters, so it is best to keep your pets inside. Also, there are allot of people that buy their own firecrackers and emergency rooms get those having accidents using them incorrectly.

It is an amazing event to be around hundreds of people looking up into the sky. All religions believe in God that exists in heaven and this is one day a year that God would be smiling. Even if there is people that do not believe in God, it is fantastic to hear the ‘oozes’ and ‘ohms’ from spectators.

There are dangers of fireworks happening in drought areas and could be the reason that these displays usually happen around bodies of water. These organized events take months to preparation and planning, and it does cost taxpayers allot of money to celebrate the lighting up the sky.

It has been said that this is really the first year of a true political independence day. People may consider these claims being made by conspired theories of the underworld. But, it has been reported in recent months that the United States is being directed by an ‘invisible government.’ There are many theories of who this organization is behind the scenes. It has been reported that these leaders are a rich and powerful family with true executive power through nature’s hierarchy. There are no media reports, because fame is beneath their ethics of true ruling power.

There are many you-tube reports that true world leadership has evil plans to create a ‘New World Order.’ In the last few weeks with the United Kingdom leaving the European Union is a complete defiance of this coming to fruition. Bible thumpers are not going to point out these conflicting results, after believing their perspective being true on these matters, it would be admitting to lies and/or ignorance. Or, it would be saying their blind faith is wrong and no fanatic believer would ever go back on their beliefs being brainwashed in history for the past millennium.

But, the truth is that America has been set free from the sinister plans of promotional propaganda that the alternative media has been projecting onto society as narrators. But, as typical men, they usually speak of their wrong ideas, way after the fact. So, let’s just say that the global community has been born as individuals with their own identity, which takes time to transition into or creating cultural changes. But, Americans will traditionally display fireworks and continue to believe we have always been a free society without skipping a beat.

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