Dollar Doom$ Day Begin$ Tomorrow to Di$appearing 9-9-2016(9)


There has been 3 dates that ring true in life prior to them happening. The first date that stands out was the death date of President Ronald Reagan being June 6, 2004, in numerology is 666. His name had 6 letters in his first, middle and last name and he had to change his Bel-Air home address from 666. Maybe it was drawing a logical conclusion? And, shortly after the “Robin Zodiac” ‘Live’ television show aired the weekend of this prediction, Reagan’s death was reported. It was also predicted that the banks would close the following Friday, due to the fact the Reagan was from the Sang bloodline that was able to access the gold or Knights of the Templar fortune. The Kennedy family is also from the Sang bloodline that is commonly known as the ‘holy grail,’ who freed Malta from being ruled by the Arabs and where the fortune was hidden. Kennedy was first to access the gold and then, the Philippines had the gold, until July 17, 2016.

Another date Robin Zodiac repeatedly mentioned on radio was December 26, 2004 and she had predicted numerous times that Thailand would have a Tsunami at 10am, which did happen at the exact time and place of this natural disaster (so they reported). She also predicted that more than 144,000 people would parish. In the aftermath, it became rumored that a male psychic had predicted this tragic event. Men usually take credit for Robin Zodiac’s high publicized media predictions and there is more details written in her autobiography called, “Translucent Veil; 3rd Eye News Reports.”

So, Robin Zodiac is at it again. She has been claiming since the 1990s that Monday, August 8, 2016 is the global financial disaster and the great-grand-depression for the world to experience. She says the computer binary mathematical figures, in combination with the calendar date of 889, does equal frozen figures of currency or the flow of money. Ms. Zodiac does not want this prediction to be correct, but she states that it is foreshawdowed and reinforced with today’s back-channeling of money or ‘denial of system’ reports by Federal banks worldwide. It is most possible that Robin Zodiac’s predictions are projections, ever since April 1st, 2016, but either the failure of the dollar’s value being predicted or designed or both, she has been warning listeners of this climate change.

Robin Zodiac has said that the media has been controlled by the Rothschild family and the world’s current banking system. The media is funded by crime or bail insurance money and they will try to cover their tracks, because they do not want to panic the public that they have a failed system. So most likely, the media will suppress these reports as common knowledge, just as the credit card companies went defunct on Friday, December 13, 2013, but never reported the lawsuit in the mainstream media.

Robin Zodiac is putting together a factual book on computers and the economy colliding with numerology or as she has questioned, ‘how do you pay the center of the pie?’ Think of money being gold as the center of distribution and break off a piece to pay for insurance (inflated bond money). And bail is insurance, so a prisoner’s criminal charges are dropped and the bail or insurance money that has been inflated goes back to the gold or returns to the Central Bank, then the value inflates more fiat or fake currency. And if, the stream of currency is held back as a damn or inflated insurance payment and then, it is returned to the center of the pie, than it is as ‘what goes up must come down’ bigger or what Robin entitles ‘back-channeling.’

This is why ‘diplomatic immunity’ exists and the Magna Carta agreement law has crumbled, after 800 years this year (2016). And, since 1933, Americans are born with a social security number and birthed as a commodity. And, it is unconstitutional to have monarchy titles in America, but it doesn’t mean that entitlement births have not happened. And lastly, ‘the truth always prevails.’ Most people are looking up in the air for answers, so it is easy for grave diggers or kangaroo courts to profit on the insurance bonds or inflated value of fiat, fake or air that will disappear tomorrow. But, putting an unknown royal, such as Krupp in jail and then, he is pardoned – Zionist got Israel by halting ‘denazification’ and receiving reparation payments on death to keep the cycle moving. These payments were split with the Zionist (funded by Saudi Arabia) and the Vatican through the Bank of England. Now, Breixt has affected the currency flow of profiting on death by the Landgrave Rothschild’s banking system has grid-locked profits to bigger losses. And, September 9, 2016 is 999 or ‘nothing, nothing, nothing‘ in numerology, so there is no return from a financial ground zero.

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