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It is difficult to support law enforcement with all the unarm shootings or assault killings in the news. There is 7 citizen arrest States in the Union, where police are superfluous and unconstitutional across the nation. Elected politicians and Judges determine the outcome of laws of the land, yet since 1933 they do not have the authority in regards to financial matters. F.D.R. was our first acting President, who brought Americans the ‘New Deal.’ Joe Kennedy Sr. was assigned to instate Security Exchange Commission, because he knew the banking system tricks to become wealthy in the Stock Market and burying the competition. Joe Kennedy Sr. was actually a Republican and this party protects the money as the democrats divide it up to distribute it. Joe Kennedy Sr. was afraid of another American Revolution of Americans revolting, so the government has been pretending their entitlements for almost 100 years.

Now, we are coming up on the 9th of September of 2016 and it looks like Robin Zodiac’s prediction of the dollar collapse could actually happen in a week’s time. Then, a few days later, come the Americans memories of the 15 years of the Pentagon and the World Trade Center attacks. The truth is in the math that a Boeing 727 wingspan is 200’ and the World Trade Center building was 80’ square, so this means those airplanes should have appear two and a half larger than the building. It was once commonly known that New York is the only State in Union that protects the United States government from seizing the land under imminent domain laws. Obviously, this was an inside job.

So, the truth is the politicians are controlled by the Federal Reserve’s fiat (fake) currency, who dominates the Central Banks, until the main Central Bank of England ‘Brexit’ has created the U.K. as being a sovereign country. If, the politicians have taken an oath to protect the constitution, then why do the instate laws to scam the public with crime, judges and private prisons that trades inmates as commodities on Wall Street with the Federal Bank of New York handling the money. It is only common sense that politicians, judges and the media are working together for themselves. They are not public servants, but only the Rothschild’s banking family puppets. So, this would technically make the police, just acting as government system henchmen.

It is amazing that this badge wearing gang dressed in blue can carry a gun, but cannot get a search warrant legally. But, our United States Constitutions’ 2nd Amendment allows citizens to bare arms. So, if the police are not operating to ‘serve and protect’ the public, they work for those claiming to be in charge of the law, their own laws based on lies and deception. It is rumored the Rothschild’s were goldsmiths, but they were historically grave diggers. Our money is not backed up by gold or petro either. The Rothschild’s has made the world a slave to money, yet it is not real or known as fiat currency. The media has sold us patriotism for War, has put suspects on trial before tainted-minded juries and gives up an imaginary spirit in the sky granting wishes for our blood or (‘credit on death’)blood-money.

Hats off to those behind the current destruction of the government, media and banking system, yet we do have trade agreements as our original Continental currency designed, but it too collapse after a bastard royal started the American Revolution War. It is believed that we are now living through WWIII online and it is rumored to be another royal setting the record straight. So, ignore the police, judges and politicians in representing yourself in court for any offensive lesser than capital punishment to stand with the Constitution that makes citizens free and these organizations are unable to throw the book at you. Stand up for your rights, America!!

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    September 3, 2016 - 3:12 pm