Boycotting BDS Movement


It is unconstitutional to have Governor’s sign a bill to boycott American Citizens for boycotting Israel. Elected officials take an oath to support the Constitution, which makes the United States the best place in the world to live. There is a published article online that reads that Governor Jerry Brown has passed and anti-BDS Boycott bill in California, but he has not signed the AB2844 at the time of reporting. It is completely un-American to punish citizens, because of a foreign country’s terrorism of their neighbors and the BDS Movement is people standing-up with the ‘freedom of speech’ rights on their side.

Politicians are saying the BDS Movement is anti-Semitic, yet it is those being Pro-Palestinian. Israel claim this land fraudulently in the 1940s with the help of a Wall Street attorney, John McCloy, who was also head of the Warren Commission. Zionist took reparation payments to release 80 Nazi War criminals from prison, yet these men were tried twice in German courts, which is wrong too.

There has been elementary school students that have challenged the number of victims, during the Holocaust. This is because, Israelis have been inflating the number of family member victims for the sake of money, or ‘credit on death‘ which is fiat or fake currency. And, the truth is that Israel is really funded by the Saudi Arabia. Reading the Israeli Tax filings it says that Jewish groups all over the world are paid on droughts and terrorism.

Politicians are the only people profiting from supporting Israel. And, calling Americans bigots is the ‘pot calling the kettle black,’ which Palestinians are being terrorized by Israel. So, it seems logical that Zionist could have sold their family members during the Holocaust and then, they cry for sympathy, yet do not ever mention the financial benefits they have been collecting.

Hitler did not want the Central banking, which is designed by the Jewish Rothschild family that claim to be goldsmiths, but in actuality they were German grave-diggers. Hitler spoke of the evil media that is funded by crime and War. Hitler has been demonized, yet spoke of a small group of elitist that plan to rule over his people and country. There is good and bad in everything, yet Hitler has said more truth about resisting the Jewish banking system. Any leader that has stood up against the Zionist have been demonized by the demons themselves.

Since Brexit, the Bank of England is going to stop paying Israel there reparation payments.  These payments went to both, the Zionist and the Vatican that have been partners, since the 1400s. The Queen of Spain designed the value of a country’s currency on the breeding or bloodlines of the people. The Jews and Catholics have been selling followers a bag of coal for their own prosperity.

Please fax a letter to Governor Jerry Brown requesting him NOT to get involved by signing this Anti-BDS Movement bill, because we the people must agree that our businesses are more valuable than caring for those that have deceived the population for hundreds of years. If, Governor Brown joins New York and New Jersey to pass the AB2844 bill, then Israel is going to fail anyway and take us down with them.

Gov. Jerry Brown
Fax: (916) 558-3160

RE: AB2844

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